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On being wrong about reverse racism

Just because white people have always been the dominant cultural group in most societies does not mean that reverse racism doesn’t exist. If you look at this as an example; a white couple get told they “don’t belong” in an Asian restaurant, that is discrimination against a ‘race’ or group of people in society, which is “by definition” racism. So, yes, reverse racism does exist and white people do experience discrimination and segregation, just not to the horrifying extent that black people, and people of other races have and still do. Racism doesn’t have to be institutionalised or on a mass scale to be classed as racism.

Stop. Just stop. You’re wrong about this. So, so wrong.

A white couple in America being told they don’t belong in an Asian restaurant is not an example of racism. At best, it’s an example of racial discrimination. (Most likely, though, it’s an example of a white couple acting like assholes.)

Racial discrimination is not the same thing as racism. They are interrelated concepts, but they have separate definitions. People trying to color the world with eight fucking crayons often get confused at the distinction, but those of us who came to class with a Crayola 64-Pack understand that actual racism involves more than just anecdotal instances of racial discrimination.

Actual racism involves a system of race-based group privilege, and not to break it off in your ass, but your assertion that “white people have always been the dominant cultural group in most societies” is the real example of racism here.

Do you have any idea how ridiculously privileged that statement is? The fact that you’re capable of saying something that stupid while trying to define reverse racism is evidence of how insidious the real thing can be.

Disagree with me all you want. Feel free to keep throwing around a bullshit term like “reverse racism” as if it actually means something, but you’re fucking wrong about this — semantically, conceptually, and motherfucking spiritually — you’re just plain wrong.


On reverse racism

Why is reverse racism not “real?”

Simple. What most people call reverse racism in America is merely prejudice against white people. That can be real, but it’s not racism. Racism includes an element of systemic or institutionalized oppression, and the dominant cultural group is, by definition, not oppressed.


On a sheltered twit

Recently there’s been fat-positive media popping up and I really think it’s great! The problem is that it’s been provoking conflicting feelings in me with the whole “skinny-shaming” trend, like in Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass. I get really uncomfortable when it gets to the parts in the song where they talk about skinny bitches, since it’s not portrayed positively at all. I really want to like it, but it just makes me really uneasy.

And that’s the whole point, no? I’m feeling uneasy because, for the first time of my life, I’m being confronted with a privilege I have that is problematic. So how do I get over this self-centered view of the whole thing and embrace the fat-positive results that are taking place thanks to it?

Are you seriously writing to me about your mild emotional discomfort with some piece of shit novelty track that panders to the fat acceptance trend?

Your problem is that you really want to like that painfully awful song? Is this honestly what you just brought to my door? Ugh, you sheltered fucking twit.

Your problem isn’t that you’re privileged. (Though clearly you are.) Your problem is that you’re made entirely of soft candy, and you have objectively horrible taste in the kind of pop culture ephemera you choose to consume.

I’d tell you to go get some real problems, but that would be cruel and pointless, because the worst thing that’s ever happened to you is bad cell phone reception, and you aren’t ready for any kind of advice that couldn’t be communicated with emoji.

For now, please just start listening to better music, and rest assured that the concept of “skinny shaming” belongs in the same pile of imaginary bullshit as cisphobia, misandry, and reverse racism.


On a semantic fight

“Actual racism involves a system of race-based group privilege”

If I wanted to say that “Bicycle” means a three wheeled vehicle, it wouldn’t matter how many people I got to agree with me. The word still means the two wheeled vehicle concept that is attached to it.

Racism, means discrimination based on race. Adding another wheel doesn’t change what the word means, it just means you’re using it wrong.

Just because it props up your philosophy, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Whatever, fucknuts. The concept of race-based group privilege is literally Sociology 101. Just because you don’t have a college freshman level understand of racism, that doesn’t mean the bicycle has three wheels. It means you’re trying to play checkers on a chessboard.

That’s fine. Your colloquial connotation of racism isn’t necessarily false. It’s a simple and safe way for children to learn, but if you wanna get into a semantic fight with someone like me, you’d better come correct with more than a fucking wiffle ball bat, because I’m over here with a Louisville Slugger.