On something meaningful.

How do I start writing something that’s meaningful to me? I feel the need to encapsulate my life right now in a way that won’t be erasable with a couple of taps on a keyboard.  I really want to write something personal for myself to be able to remember my youth but my life isn’t that exciting at the moment - and I feel a little silly writing about going to the grocery store or spending a day on the beach. How can I possibly begin capturing the essence of my youth so that it’ll matter?

Fuck the essence of your youth. Quit trying to make it matter, because it doesn’t. If something is meaningful to you now, write about it now. Be brutally honest and let that be enough.

Don’t try and second guess what you’ll be sentimental about in the future. That’s ridiculous. If you write as if you’re planning ahead for nostalgia, it will be the worst kind of awful.

If you feel silly writing about going to the grocery store or spending a day on the beach, tough shit. Write about it anyways. Excitement has nothing to do with meaning, and there is infinite depth in every moment if you look for it.

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