A Few Testimonials

♥ “If Ann Landers is America’s Mom, are you America’s badass, older sister?”

♥ “Your blog….no words can describe it. It is the I Ching of the 21st century, if you published it the perfect title would be I Came.”

♥ “This isn’t a question, but I have never read anything better than this. I love you a thousand times.”

♥ “I love you. When I started reading you, I was a virgin. Now I’m having orgies in Paris. In wild solidarity, sister.”

♥ “I told my shrink the turn-around was because I started meditating. Actually I read every page of your blog and spent a couple days with my head out of my needy, neurotic ass.”

♥ “You are tapping some kind of goddamn primary vein of American culture here. Good writing, relentless attitude, excellent perspective, etc. No question, just want to put some positive reinforcement into the mix. Dont’ take any guff from the swine and please continue to publish. Beyond my personal entertainment, I feel like you might be saving valuable teenage minds all across this blasted country.”

♥ “You’re unlike anything I have ever read before. It’s like finding a religion. Ok yeah you have to stay anonymous.”

♥ “Please, for God’s sake, in some time of your life, lock yourself in your house with some coke, whisky, food and a typewriter. Write a book. And please make sure to let people know you wrote a book.”

♥ “I’m a mental health counselor, your advice is amazing. You are solving in 4 paragraphs or less what it takes up to 5 sessions to work through. Move to Dallas, TX and open up shop, the bitches here need you. Thanks for what you do, it is much appreciated.”

♥ “You’re a lot like Hunter Thompson.”

♥ “If I believed in a God. You’d be it.”

♥ “Two years ago I was an escort that fucked fascinating people and loved waking up strung out from a night of coke, partying, and vodka highballs. I left that life a year ago - no looking back and no regrets - am about to get married, and am completely focused in finishing my degree and having a kick-ass job. From a former party girl to another: rock on. Enjoy the glitter and the dazzle. I tip my hat to you, and am rooting for you. (Also, living vicariously through your blog posts.)”

♥ “You’re helping me get through my last year of high school. Thanks so much.”

♥ “On bad sex… took your advice. Best night we had, for me at least. Made it all about me. He didn’t orgasm, and I didn’t care. He was thrilled by my change of attitude towards it all as well. Nice work Coke Talk, you did me well.”

♥ “If you weren’t such an intelligent writer, everyone would hate your stuff- but because you write so well this blog is probably the best shit on the internet.”

♥ “Found your blog, and traveled back all the necessary pages to read every tidbit of sarcasm I could get from you. I absolutely love how I can almost see you rolling your eyes at some of these questions.”

♥ “I look up to you as a person, and a writer.”

♥ “re: finding an equal
Thanks for answering. Love everything about your “column” - if dead trees weren’t such a dead end I’d urge you to take a crack at unseating Dan Savage.”

♥ “This isn’t a question, but thank you very much for your “On Spanking it to Porn” advice. I talked to my girlfriend about it and that little slap of a response made her think she’s really been a bitch. and that has made all the difference in the world. Thanks for doing what you do.”

♥ “Thank you for your advice on “Embracing Vulnerability”. I got the push I needed to be upfront in my relationship and now in the most rewarding relationship I’ve ever been in.”

♥ “This is not a question. This is a thanks. Thanks for confirming/validating my feelings in “On Finding Yourself in an Affair”. I went to your site to discuss that very point—I too unwittingly fell into an affair. And how nice, it’s already there. You’re pretty alright.”

♥ “you really inspire me. inspire me to not give a fuck and tell people what i honestly think. for this i thank you. (:”

♥ “I want to thank you for this blog, for making me second guess myself and shake off what i just accepted without really putting thought into it. You’re so unique, and yet i can still relate to you.”

♥ “Re: On the Obvious Choice, Fucking THANK YOU. Thank you thank you thank you. It bolstered my resolve. I’m done being chicken shit about it. I’m going to be a doctor.”

♥ “I’ve been reading more and more of your posts, (I know I already told you I was in love with you, excuse my creepiness) and you have given me the courage to courage to say what I mean, and mean what I say. Not to be too cheesy or anything, but this blog might have just changed my life. Thank for everything you do, and please please never change, ever.”

♥ “your blog is one of the best things to have hit the internet. your rants are delicious and your music taste aint bad. bordering on hipster trash, but that’s forgivable. anyway, it’s too bad that most of the people who write in are just teenage girlies complaining about boys. your time should be put to better use. yes, you should write a book. you’re the female chuck klosterman.”

♥ “You’re seriously awesome. Thank you for this blog and your ability to deal with douche haters with style.”

♥ “I just want to say that I love your blog and somehow you being a raging bitch makes it so much more credible. Thanks for laying out some truth.”

♥ “Dear Coke Talk, My dad and I read your blog/article On being a Teenage Girl. My dad and I think you should be awarded a Nobel prize. Or a Pulitzer. Take your pick.”

♥ “Not a question; just accolades. “On why you even bother” was perfect. If all advice and good intentions could be distilled down to this… well, I guess we wouldn’t need much more of anything. I remain consistently impressed, CokeTalk.”

♥ “OH MAN, thank you. I am in the exact same position as the girl who wrote “on why you even bother”. Thank fuck for people like you. I like straight shooters.”

♥ “‘On cock bumps’ was simply absolutely precious. Absolutely. Affinities”

♥ “Just read your advice “On Love and War” and I’ve got to say I thought it was one of your best. This isn’t really a question, just a compliment.
You’re incredibly insightful, you give softer advice when it’s due, but are always ready to give a slap in the face to those who need it.
I really enjoy the blog.”

♥ “I was the small-town girl getting stalked. I just wanted to let you know that I did what you told me. My parents didn’t support me, but his dad sure sat up and listened. Stalker-boy’s retaliating by talking about all the crap I’ve done at school (I had to break up with the older boy to keep him from getting in trouble, since I’m a minor) but I’m safe now and that matters more than a boy talking smack. You don’t have to publish this, but you really helped me out and I wanted to say thanks. I’m safe now. (Oh, and I’ve been accepted into UCLA on scholarship. the midwest can kiss my ass, I’m on my way out!)”

♥ “I’m sure you get this all the time, but I love your writing. I really hope you do this for a long, long time. Just wanted to write in and say thanks for the laughs and advice. You’re my Internet idol.”

♥ “I came across this blog a little over a month ago, and have since shared it with the majority of my friends. You are logical, articulate, and brutally honest; I have a lot of respect for your opinion, and have even found myself implementing some of the advice you’ve given others into my own life. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom and opinions. It’s really a cool thing.”

♥ “You taught me that it’s better to tell people to fuck off. Wasting time beating around the bush doesn’t do anyone any good. I realized that because of you. Also, more often than not, confronting someone or dealing with something head on turns out to be more entertaining than tragic. Thank you, Coke Talk.”

♥ “Dear Miss Coke,
Thank you for giving me the courage and the inspiration to intelligently call people out on their shit. I went totally nuclear on some stupid asshole who was just flat out calling me names and boasting about all his material possessions to try to win an argument. But then i realized the best way to deal with haters is to be slightly polite and completely poised. I told him he was insecure and that he most likely had a small penis.
Thanks to you i know how not lose my cool when i’m under attack.
Your #1 fan”

♥ “Hey babe,
just letting you know that your writing is absolutely beautiful. Whenever I’m fucking up real bad and ask myself what the fuck to do, I tell myself how I think you would. Maybe I need to think for myself, but sometimes it becomes difficult to know what to do, and you’re the solution. If I ever need to use these massive balls, I read a little Coke Talk, it gives me the initiative to be a cunt every once in a while. That’s necessary often times, because a lot of people are afraid of what being a cunt will do to their popularity, and it works out. I love every one of your replies, even if the questions/situations are a bit ridiculous. If it weren’t for them, there wouldn’t be a you. And good lord, do I need you. You fill my sleepless nights with pure pleasure. I also love your personal blog, especially your actual blogs. Your writing style is so unique. You should pursue a career. I’d die a happy woman. Also, as someone said before, please stay anonymous. It gives me pleasure knowing that no one knows who you are, not even your friends and such.”

♥ “I want you to live forever. On my journey of finding myself, you’ve helped me along the way through your posts.”

♥ “Thank you for this blog. It has helped me more than I thought anything on the internet could.”

♥ “All I have to say is you are my hero.”

♥ “I just wanted to say you give very useful and fantastic advice. I fucking love it. I’ve never actually submitted a question to you, but I’ve read through your advice blog and I intend to start applying some of your advice (specifically: on self worth) to my life immediately. I’m interested to see the changes that will come from it. Thank you so much and please keep writing. Your writing has given me the extra push I’ve needed to get shit in my life back to normal.”

♥ “This isn’t a question, just a thank you. Thank you for being genuine and not disjointed from life like so many people are. I’ve got a group of friends (well, acquaintances, really) who often ask me questions such as the ones on your blog because I’m more “wild” than they are, and feel I am some sort of authority on various subjects. I will definitely be referring them to you from now on, mostly because I no longer have the energy to deal with their self-righteous and virginal questions, especially when they don’t like my answers. Hopefully you can give them a dose of reality. Thanks again, and keep it up.”

♥ “Oh my fucking god, thank you so much. The fear that haunts me (or used to) the most was as to what happens after we die. You put into such a perspective that just made everything make sense. Seriously. Person of the year award, thank you so fucking much for this. I can honestly tell you that I love you for this.”

♥ “You are truly brilliant, I love it. You are hard on the ones who need it but still gentle on the ones with real problems, you are making the world a better place.”

♥ “I must say, that although you will probably a) never read this, or b) take what I am saying seriously since you have so many admirers, you really have made your way through my friends and I like an enjoyable new way of living that is far superior to a religion. By the way we are all Political Theory majors and therefore nihilists; we have all studied Nietzsche and very much admire your line of work. Keep it up- although there is no God, you are our closest thing to it.”

♥ “I’m just adding to the thanks and love. I’ve recently begun seeing someone and I remembered reading multiple times your advice about owning up to emotional vulnerability and just speaking your damn mind. All logic says that this guy and I would have parted by now after a few good fucks, but I took charge of my own shit and owned up to him that I’ve thrown supposed logic (really, just over-analytical societal standards) out the window and know in my gut that I want to continue seeing him. And he opened himself up, and we still have more to talk over, but the point is that I took charge of my feelings and that is what got him to explain his shit to me. And somehow it’s working out. I credit you for the indirect push that got me to truly, fully, be myself with someone without giving a flying fuck what they’d do in reaction. Thank you.”

♥ “I just want to say that everything you post is fabulous! I read your blog all the time, and it’s just wonderful. My boyfriend and I will be chatting with people and, so often, we’ll be like, “have you seen coke-talk? she’s spot on about [insert subject matter here]”. Much love to you and what you do.”

♥ “Hey, it’s me again. The one with the religious nut case on his hands. Your plan worked. I combined your idea of mind fucking and restraining order into one. As soon as he opened his mouth, I turned to him and said how Jesus will be horrified that he’s been harassing me these past few weeks, how he’s going to burn in Hell for making my life miserable, and how (while waving around some blank papers) I had documented all the times he had religiously persecuted me for having a different faith. His jaw dropped as the thoughts began registering in his narrow minded brain. I then proceeded to tell him how right after class I’d be going to the deans office to file a restraining order for his downright ill behavior and hopefully he’ll get kicked out of school. He said sorry, got up and left class then and there. Mission accomplished :) Thanks!”

♥ “I fucking love reading this tumblr. I think you’re the shit and I just wanted you to know. Have a lovely day!”

♥ “I think you’re better than Dan Savage.”

♥ “I don’t recommend your site to other people. I want to keep you to myself. It won’t be long until they know though. Your blog is the most awesome thing on the internet.”

♥ “This blog makes me happy. It takes the random, incoherent opinions I have about life and states them explicitly, intelligently, and humorously. It’s good to realize (and laugh at) how stupid I am sometimes. Thanks for helping me figure myself out.”

♥ “Are you working on a book? You should be, holy fuck.”

♥ “listen. you need to run for office. i don’t give a shit if it’s a lame county or presidential vote, you need to be in charge. somehow, somewhere; making a fucking difference. that is all.”

♥ “I wrote you once before, and you gave me an awesome response. I hate to sound all sappy, but it really lifted a weight off of my shoulders at the time.”

♥ “I want to show my gratitude. I read your two entries about penis size and how monogamy doesn’t equal to fidelity. Both are amazing reads. Being in a polygamous relationship is hard for me and knowing that my insecurities stem from the men my lady has bedded who were above adequate size is a slight drawback. Reading those two entries made me feel a bit more confident about things in my current situation. Thank you. And I mean that in the sincerest way possible.”

♥ “Everything that you write, even the simplest thing, speaks to my soul. You’re really talented at communicating exactly how you feel, and sometimes even how I feel. You inspire me to be and express myself to the fullest no matter the fuck what. I also like that you’re not awfully ashamed of your habit, as society would prefer you to be. It doesn’t seem that you’re ashamed of yourself at all. No one should ever have to be ashamed of themself for being who they are anyway (fucking duh, i know). We all have a habit in one way or another. Know what I mean? I’m really glad that I read your blog.”

♥ “I like your approach to hedonism combined with informed opinions and drawing the moral line at not being a complete cunt to people. this is good, i like reading your blog in the morning sets me up to face whatever the day serves up just nicely. keep ranting you shady bitch. If i met you I would buy you a drink.”

♥ “First, I miss you sometimes when I haven’t read your stuff for a while. Second, I’d be surprised if you get this kind of feedback often, but you’re an excellent writer. It’s not just the sentence-level stuff, the gags… It’s also clear you’ve worked hard for a consistent and clear vision. That, or you just write very honestly and have consistency and clarity as a human. Maybe both. Anyway thanks for all of it.”

♥ “Just wanted to say that “On a Certain Kind of Life” is exactly the situation I’m in right now. Thank you for explaining exactly how I’m feeling and why i’m feeling that way. Here’s to hoping I can actually figure it out.”

♥ “Holy fuck Coke Talk — Is your secret white collar career FBI profiler? That last question (‘Standard Issue Crazy’) was my sister and you had, like, the entire family history right. It’s like you have absolute pitch for neuroses.”

♥ “‘On a victim mentality’ - thank you. I think everything you said is true, and I know it’s true (I keep hearing it from everyone around me), but there’s something about having it written out like that. I’m going to print off your post, frame it, and hang it above my bed. Nothing like inspiration.”

♥ “I just wanted to say how much I love and appreciate your writing. It makes me really happy to read your advice and blog, and it has helped me to get a healthy get-your-shit-together attitude towards life (it also reminds me of how little daily drama matters). I don’t know how to put in words how much your post on monogamy and fidelity meant to me. I have been thinking about how partnerships will look like in the future - once humans emotionally and mentally evolve - and what you describe in your post is how I imagine a progressive future to be. I can’t believe that you seem to be living what I thought would only happen in the next generation (I put “seem” there since I don’t presume to know anything about your life and I’m merely projecting - incredible projection it is though). You are inspiring across the Atlantic. (I live in Switzerland) I wish you a wonderful Sunday and am looking forward to read many more of your posts.”

♥ “Thank you. Just… thank you. I’m 18 and until a read this site, I was a proper, small town girl. I have had sex but, was never sexual. I never masturbated or experimented. Now, I tell people what I think, I own myself. You taught me how. For this - I love you!”

♥ “I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for writing so honestly and bluntly about life. Your outlook is extremely empowering and gives female culture a healthy dose of reality. As a highly educated for her age twenty-something with pretty lofty career goals, I get a lot of flak for the amount that I party. You just prove that work-hard/play-hard is totally legitimate for girls too and that what I choose to do with my own body is my business and not up for scrutiny by self-righteous prudes. Thank you for being one fucking brilliant bitch and for making me learn to never EVER question what I’m doing based on other peoples’ bullshit. You’re fantastic, don’t even change.”

♥ “I’m a psychology/philosophy double major and I idolize you. It’s like everything I’ve ever gleaned from my education about human nature and morality is already summarized in the pages of your blog. Fuck Nietzsche, I’ll take Coke Talk over that misogynist any day!”

♥ “I’m a person who is usually the one listening to other people’s bullshit and is slowly learning how to give effective advice. The amount of patience and love that you show to strangers on the Internet is astounding. Your style and attitude is an inspiration for me to never stop trying to learn how to say what I mean. It’s also been some nice advice by proxy on a more personal level. Thank you for doing what you do.”

♥ “Not a question. But I wish you were invincible, you deserve it. You make me feel especially insignificant. Although I’m fully aware you’re just human, I like to think there will always be something better than me for me to look for when I’m lost. Closest thing to God? Possibly. Best role model for everything I want? Absolutely. Strong, incredible, interesting woman? No doubt. Thanks.”

♥ “I don´t really have a question, though I´ve been an avid follower of your blog for quite some time now. That post you wrote about the point of relationships… wow. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated it. I was starting to feel a change in the way I felt about love, and life in general, and it basically scared the shit out of me. Basically because I was sure that if I actually believed what I was thinking, I´d become seriously depressed and lose all the happiness in my life. But the reality is, there still is happiness regardless. Thanks for saying what I´ve been afraid to think and embrace for the past year and a half. You really, really helped me out. Thank you so much.”

♥ “Your column helped me gain valuable perspective on a hurtful situation with a very close friend of mine. I wanted her to be my girlfriend, and we were involved sexually for a while. I learned about my own selfish jealousy from reading your advice, and I was able to finally get over it. Thank you.”

♥ “Just saw your post on dreaming big. I would die to see you on TV or a movie, even if somehow you found your way to keep your anonymity appearance-wise. I love your advice.”

♥ “Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for what you said in “On Not Purple.” I can’t help feeling the way the writer did at times, but your answer showed me how to take that and transform it into something useful for all of our causes. It’s a liberating feeling and it was a bit surprising to end up that way when I frankly expected to see some serious lashing out. It was one of those stop-and-feel-completely-different moments and I appreciate how you took the time to do that.”

♥ “I just want to tell you that when I first started reading DCT I thought you were just fun and shallow. As the posts continued, however, I have found myself very lucky to have found your site. You are not shallow, but incredibly insightful and it’s apparent that you love life and take advantage of your opportunities, and it’s refreshing. Thank you.”

♥ “I’ve read every single bit of advice you’ve given, and it gave me the confidence to not care what other people think about me. I’ve came out of the closet, started a FANTASTIC relationship and I now have the drive to pursue my biggest goals. Thank you, thank you, thank you! P.S. If you wrote a book, I’d be the first person to buy it. No joke.”

♥ “Since I discovered your blog six months ago, I’ve really examined my life and how I live it. I have gone from a passive-aggressive coward so preoccupied with pleasing everybody I pleased nobody to someone confident, mostly competent, and happy. As embarrassing as this is to say, before I make a decision, I usually ask myself, “What would Coke Talk do?” I also find myself being pretty damn satisfied with the results. Thank you for taking time out of your day to give advice to stupid, hopeless fucks like me, and thank you for your educated, insightful opinions.”

♥ “i fucking love you. Not in the creepy/stalker way either. the way you speak to these people who need advice, really opened a new path for me to think through. I don’t know if you’ll read this or even care, but you are completely amazing. Every time I read what you write it gives me something new to think about. I’m gonna sound like a stupid tard, but it’s like you enlightened me to some other level. you made it okay to not believe in god. (mother/friends are all up on the religious horse riding around like they’re in a damn parade)I don’t even know where i’m going with this. Thanks though for all the advice you’ve given everyone. Your advice makes me smile every time”

♥ “Can I just say that you having your own TV talk show would be amazing? I get that it’s pretty much impossible because of the whole secret identity thing, but seriously. It would be awesome. That is all.”

♥ “I just want to sincerely thank you for responding quickly and truthfully to my “coked out meeting the parents in the morning” question. You saved my life. I was literally reaching for a benzo the moment I saw your response. Your ability to read minds will never cease to amaze me. I did what you said, threw on a turtleneck and rocked it. It was truly a rookie mistake I will not be making again.”

♥ “Hi, I have been following your blog for quite some time now and I have to say, I’ve never been disappointed in your advice. Your blog inspired me to join tumblr in the first place. The “inner child” post really got me though. Moved me is a better way to say it I suppose. Just wanted to tell you that - it was possibly your best piece of advice yet and it was appreciated, coming from a person with anxiety who is trying to get back in touch with that smiling kid from the photo album.”

♥ “I’ve always loved your blog. ‘Love’ in the casual, hell-yeah-I-get-this kind of way. Sometimes I’d disagree with you, sure, but I loved your wit and wisdom. But tonight, somehow you’ve really touched me.

I live with my family and mom had whipped out my baby tapes. I watched them for the first time tonight. Sure enough, that shot me straight into a whirl of thought.

I walk past my bedroom after mom puts them away and notice that I’d left my laptop open to Dear Coke Talk. I read through them and sure enough I catch onto you talking about the “inner child.”

Coke Talk (I wish I knew your real name for at least this one moment, because I feel so sincere and raw addressing you right now), I don’t know what to say. It was exactly what I needed to know. It was the exact, perfect, succinct summary to the tempest of memories and reflections.

I’m free. I’m as free as my inner child, eyes blue and glittery while I observe absolutely everything. I’m as free as the fierce 6-year-old bitch with golden-brown ringlets pulling up the fleece leg of the 1990’s-era robot-guitar-player Chuck E Cheese to find out that he is, in fact, an automation, as evidenced by the bit of metal skeleton I’d just uncovered.

I was lonely a few nights ago. For the first time in a while, I’d allowed myself to admit it. So I called up a few girlfriends and decided to nourish myself. I didn’t even know I was taking your advice before I even read it.

Maybe I’m just being way too sentimental, but I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to hug and kiss a stranger as bad as I do right now. I’m alone in my room, but I feel like I’m finally on the right wavelength. I’m finally connected.

I’m free, and for what feels like the first time, I finally fucking feel it.

Thank you.”

♥ “I read your blog because I think you’re hysterical. Despite your advice always being refreshingly sane and based in reality, I hardly ever care about the actual content and mostly just enjoy the wit and the fact that your advice has it’s own voice and cadence in my head. That’s not your fault though, that’s just the fact that I never feel empathy for the question writers. After at least a year of reading, that loneliness question was the first one that I ever actually cared how you answered and hoped your answer would be good. Personally, I see this all the time and along with 1/2 of an elderly couple dying, it’s what breaks my heart on a regular basis.

Anyway, your advice was spot on and I just want to say thanks for giving me a new way to talk about that situation with patients. I’ve never been without at least a couple close friends and as one who needs alone time I often find myself making excuses to spend time alone, so I’ve never really related to this problem or known what to say along the lines of advice and not just support. Now I have an option if the situation is right. I feel like I’m gushing over here, but really, bravo. The first answer I ever cared about and you gave some really insightful and touching advice. It’s not what I read your blog for, but it was a really nice moment in my day and a wonderful surprise. Thanks.”

♥ “I’d just like to send you a generic but very genuine ‘thank you for helping me see things a different way and for helping me become more confident’ message. You’re just amazing on so many levels. Much love, all the way from Australia.”

♥ “Just want to give you a big “Thank you!” for the effort you put in. Really appreciate it. Your point of view is refreshing, pretty enlightened and realistic compared to the usual help column drivel newspapers have. Sometimes it takes a third party with honesty to tell us what we may already subconciously know inside but didn’t have the same eloquence to express.”

♥ “I wanted to send a sincere thank you. Somehow through my incoherent, Ketel-induced rambling you were able to get to the heart of the matter. I appreciate that. You gave me better and more resonant advice than some self-important men I’ve paid $200 an hour for. Like someone said earlier - I don’t care who you are, I’m just thankful that you’re here. :)”

♥ “I love your blog. You’re doing God’s work, sister. And by “God,” I mean, “remember years ago when Dan Savage was really funny?””

♥ “I just submitted my USC application, and on a question that says “Role Model?” I answered “Coke Talk””

♥ “Just writing (again) to thank you for your great answer ‘on the four agreements.’ Your answer made me rethink my initial decision to lash out. I took your advice to let it go, and it’s looking like the friendship is on the road to being salvaged. Thank you dearly for your advice. Cheers to you, babe.”

♥ “My Mum is under the impression that the psychologist she paid $200 an hour is responsible for my current status as ‘recovering anorexic’. I haven’t the heart to tell her a coked up, incredibly insightful woman from LA is the one she should be thanking for pulling me out of my downward spiral.”

♥ “I don’t know if it’s causation or correlation, but I’ve been reading what you write for a few months now. I feel a little more sane and a little more nuanced than when I started. Thank you.”

♥ “Thanks for managing to be controversial and offensive, but still one of the most lovable people on the internet.”

♥ “I know I’m going to sound super cheesy, but you have helped me to stop obsessing over things that really don’t matter in life. I’ve also become straight forward with people more often, and I’ve learned to stick up for myself. For that, I’m extremely grateful. Thank for you being a source of awareness of all the bullshit that goes on. Never quit what you’re doing. Please”

♥ “On a slow burn (posted about a year ago). I didn’t ask the question, but honestly might as well have, it was uncannily similar to my life at that point. I followed your advice. Now I’m with the greatest guy I know. The silences are comfortable, we discuss things instead of fight, and it is, without a doubt, the best sex I have ever had in my life. I can’t remember being this happy. Thanks for helping me make my favorite decision.”

♥ “
Thank you for reinforcing what was once an inarticulate need to live life by these intangible, unspoken standards. I’ve developed such a spine since I started reading your blog back in March, and the response to who I am as a person now could be something about of a dream. I’m so glad you are who you are.”

♥ “You have literally become the voice in my head. When i read the questions you recieve a lot of the time they irritate the hell out of me, and then you answer them and articulate what i would never be able to. Just wanted you to know that whenever i’m faced with a difficult decision these days i think to myself “what would coketalk do?” and try to use that as guidance. Maybe that’s sad, and sure, i still go with my own thoughts and feelings in the end but yeah, just wanted to tell you that i think you are a legend for representing a group of people who prove that not everyone who takes drugs are stupid, some people just like to have a good time. Then, i guess you’re representing nobody but yourself. See, listen to me i’m scared to say anything because i can just preempt your retort which will just completely lay the smackdown on me. Anyhoo, just wanted to show some appreciation, you’ve given me the confidence to have the courage of my convictions and to tell ridiculous people to fuck off when they need telling.”

♥ “
Your writing is exactly what I needed.  While I had already arrived at the conclusion that we’re cosmically insignificant and this life is all we’ve got, it took reading your posts to realize that this is a reason to celebrate life, not give up on it.  I feel like I’m approaching things from a much healthier place now, and I want to thank you so much for that.  Shine on, you crazy diamond.

♥ “I just want to say thank you. I wrote you last October in “On Asking For Help.”

I’m now 18, in college, and studying literature and child development. I told my family last November and they have done everything they can to love and support me. I saw a nutritionist and a therapist, and it’s been a long, hard time in overcoming an eating disorder that’s been with me all through middle and high school. I don’t think I would have told them if I hadn’t been given the encouragment and resources to admit out loud that I had an eating disorder.

I haven’t purged in over a year, though I think about it often. I just keep telling myself what my family told me and what you helped me realize: they’re there for me.

You’re a great chick. Thanks.”

♥ “You give some of the best advice I’ve seen. I’ve never written in to you, but I feel like you’ve helped me realize things about myself and others that could have taken years to surface otherwise. So thanks, Dear Coke Talk. You’re fucking rad.

♥ “I can hardly put what reading this has done for me into words. Just it feels so fucking good to have a little internet oasis of sanity, good music & a few laughs. With your advice, I’ve been able to let go things that aren’t worth it. I might just be trying to say you’ve encouraged me to find my own rules, live by them & not be sorry for it. So thank you.”

♥ “
'On processing that shit', Thank you. Thank you so much your honest response, your kind words. You took away a weight that I am not possible of describing. You gave me validation. I'm never going to stop working forward. Thank you. It has meant so much to me.”

♥ “I visit your blog everyday, sometimes more than once. Sometimes, I visit your blog out of desperation in moments when I just want something to hold on to, you see, I’m way past my ‘favourite blanket” stage. But I come here on my most depressing days when I can’t figure out anything and I always find a gem or two in your past advice. I love you.”

♥ “No question, just thanks. I just got into one of the best Architecture schools in the UK, and you were my inspiration for applying. I wasn’t even going to try, because of family objections and my boyfriend, but after reading all your advice I thought “fuck everyone else, I’m going to go for what I want.” I’m going to be attending school there next year, and it’s because of you. Thanks so much, keep being awesome.”

♥ “A year or so ago you hit the final chink in my armor that broke me out of my faith in god, and for that I don’t think I have the proper words to thank you. You fucking set me free, and when I finish grad school as a clinical psychologist I’ll be able to help people reach their full potential without the clouds of religious hang ups. I hope I can help other people as much as you have.”

♥ “Every time I read your stuff, I go away for a couple days and process it. And then every time I return I always say “God DAMN she is so right!” Fucking love you, bitch”

♥ “Just wanted to say thanks.  More than once I have copy and pasted your advice into emails and send them to myself as reminders.  You have helped me through some very dark times this past winter: your advice gave me some hope and some light.”

♥ “I loaned out my copy of The Ethical Slut and never got it back, so I bought a used copy online. On page 21, somebody had underlined “we don’t have a polyamorous Miss Manners telling us how to do our thing courteously and respectfully ” and scribbled COKE TALK in the margins. The feeling I got from that bit of marginalia was worth every goddamn dollar I spent and then some.”

"this isn’t a question, but i want you to know that i love waking up every day with a purpose. i fell into an over-priveleged, lazy undergraduate slump earlier this year. my best friend introduced me to dear coquette around the time i was being a major shithead and i’ve never looked back. i will read your advice for the rest of my life and i would like you to know that you have single-handedly motivated me to just get up and start doing—no complaints. i love you and wish you the best in every. single. thing. ever."

♥ “I have been reading your blog for about a year and I just want to say thank you. This is not as you can tell a question ,but more a thank you letter. I have been terrified to write you because you truly tell it like it is,but I want you to know you saved my life. First of all your advice especially concerning sexuality  I guess to put it in simplistic terms has help broaden my  perspective . I just recently lost my virginity and I am 22,but you helped me realize it is neither the boy or “peer pressure” which caused me to do so but myself.. Meaning I lost it because I was ready and no other outside forces influenced me. Last year … I tried to kill myself , but honestly your advice from your blog has kept me going.I am happy to report that I  am about to graduate college and I truly want to use my degree to hopefully maybe make this world a better place. I don’t know who you are nor will I ever ,but again thank you. You have helped me into becoming alive again. This might sound trite ,yet I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I have always been terrified to write you ,but I think you should know that you have helped me understand and love myself again. Thank you for creating this blog. I hope to influence someone as much as you have me.”

♥ “I want to thank you. You’ve made me able to accept my own mediocrity. Not just today’s post, but reading you for the better part of a year. It’s okay that I just make enough money to support my family, even though we won’t have lavish vacations or possessions. It’s okay I can’t lose this last 20 pounds. It’s okay that I’m not the best at really anything. Your column has done more for me than thousands of dollars in therapy has. I’m not perfect, I’ll never be perfect, and that’s a-o-fucking-kay because I’m pretty super the way I am. So, thanks for giving me the gift of self acceptance. And a dash of just not giving a fuck. Love you and wear my pink cunt necklace at every available opportunity.

♥ “
This is just a thank-you. I’ve never written to you before but I’ve been reading your advice and about your general debauchery for four years now. Back then I was a senior in high school and now I am graduating college. Of course this means that I’ve been thinking about Big Life Things, or at least what feel like Big Life Things, and trying to put enough thoughts straight to start heading in some direction. And through the whole process I’ve come to realize that there isn’t anyone I have taken more advice from than you. Somehow, after ingesting every word you have provided to inquiring internet strangers, your voice has become some guiding force in my life. At least, I credit that voice and you with my being able to get through some taxing and testing times with more grace and clarity than I would have otherwise been able to muster. I don’t want this to get too long and effusive, so I’ll end it here and say that I really, truly thank you for wasting your time on tumblr for the benefit of the uneducated masses. I, for one, am super grateful.”