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On fun-sized advice

Is America doomed? The news is painting a picture of backwards nation, completely out of touch with the contemporary realities. Surely this massive piece of land is as diverse as Europe, and not all of the US citizens are the idiots and fascists that the news would have us believe… right?
America isn’t the dirt underneath your feet. It’s an idea. America is nothing more than a giant and powerful meme with frayed edges and far too many competing and mutually exclusive interpretations with a central core of meaning that is shrinking faster than the polar ice caps, and not unironically, the exact same group of bastards are to blame for both. America is pure fiction, my friend, so yes, of course it’s doomed. Like all ideas, it will one day lose coherence and fizzle into extinction.

What’s your take on this reiki, crystal shit going on? At some point, my friend got into witchcraft and I’m uncomfortable while she’s talking to me about it? I have already muted her on social media. Is this how my friendship with her ends?
What do you mean witchcraft? Is your friend Wiccan? Wiccan crystal rituals are different than reiki crystal rituals. It’s all a bunch of ridiculous nonsense, but it’s different flavored nonsense. Is she mixing Wiccan crystal nonsense with reiki crystal nonsense? Typical behavior for the kind of dizzy twat who uses this stuff as a substitute for having a personality. If you’re uncomfortable with it, set a boundary. Tell her to shut the fuck up about woo-woo crystal shit when she’s around you. If she respects your boundary, that’s a friend. If she stays insufferable, you may want to move on. 

I could double my salary, eliminate my debt, and probably buy a house in a few years if I sold my soul and took this offer from Amazon. I applied on a whim, I didn’t expect to get it. I hate Bezos as much as anyone. Would I be a bad person if I worked for such a company? I’d be doing software development. The sign-on bonus is half my current annual salary.
It’s fine. Take the fucking money and live your life. You’re a software developer. Go develop software.

Is it ok to end a friendship because your friend won’t vote for Biden?
Maybe. Are they voting for Trump or just not voting? Are they a real friend or just someone floating around in your sphere? Be an adult about this stuff. November is coming. One way or the other, our lives and our relationships will go on after this election.

Still support the rioting and looting or nah? Dumbass
With clear eyes and a full heart, you tedious little fascist. I support radical, progressive change. All you care about is order. My vision is bigger than yours, and the world I dream of is better.

Just curious– in case we fall into true fascism here, what’s your game plan? Sticking it out or leaving for a new country?
Of course I’m sticking it out. It won’t be better for me anywhere else. Besides, I am skilled at sabotage, I can keep a secret, and I know how to disappear a body. I’m ready for whatever comes.

Just got off my antidepressants and rediscovered my clit ❤️Just wanted to share the beauty of all of that.
I’m very happy for you! If you haven’t experienced it yet, I highly recommend getting one of the sonic/sucking vibrators, maybe the Lelo Sona or the Satisfyer Pro 3.


34 thoughts on “On fun-sized advice

  1. Kelly says:

    Hell yeah. I’m staying, too. I’ve lived out of the country before and could make it happen again at the drop of a hat. My expat friends think I’m crazy for not leaving already. But I’m not going anywhere.

  2. Mel V. says:

    My sister wrote software for Amazon for the first chunk of her career. She learned a lot (Amazon has internal development programs to die for), made a boatload of money, and eventually left for a place that she felt better about ethically and pays only a slightly smaller boatload of money.

    We all have to live in an imperfect world while we try to change it. We’re not going to put the screws to Bezos by refusing to work for him, we’re going to do it by unionizing and voting and demanding that our government actually do its job. Go take Amazon’s money for a while. Put it to good use making your life stable and upgrading your career. Having more members of society be financially secure is good for all of us. (Keep voting.)

    • Quinn says:

      Also, the world isn’t black-and-white good-and-evil. Amazon provides an invaluable service to a lot of people who can’t leave their houses or get to certain kinds of stores, whether temporarily due to COVID or permanently due to disability. If you feel sick about lining Bezos’ wallet, just remember there’s only one of him, but there’s thousands of people who’s lives are genuinely enriched by the service.

  3. WAP says:

    I’m all for leaving the country, but only because I’ve never lived abroad anyway, and as POC, now seems like an opportune time. My passport is sadly unstamped.

  4. Buddhist says:

    For the Wiccan stuff, do you see Wiccan/witchcraft rituals as something akin to prayer in traditional abrahamic religions? In terms of self soothing and the repetition. I see routine as the baseline for how all religions caught on. It’s just different flavors of the same cult. Either way, fuckers took something that was meant to be philosophical and metaphorical and took it literally.

  5. Traore says:

    I don’t know how anyone can watch the clips of old men being knocked out while protecting their businesses, POC in tears at having their livelihoods destroyed, and still support the riots and violence. Are they just necessary casualties? You’re disgusting, Coke.

    • Anna says:

      There’s a difference between supporting rioting and tolerating some violence at the fringes of a movement for larger and more important cause.

      • Traore says:

        @whoami They are protecting their own property and company. Small family-run businesses that their livelihoods depend on. The fact that didn’t even enter your mind is incredible. Could be you have never worked hard for anything, let alone created anything valuable in your life.

      • Traore says:

        What does an old man being KO’d or an old lady crying about having her livelihood destroyed have to do with being anti-police?

        The fact you believe this behavior is a show of support for black lives shows how naive you are. The fact you consider it progress proves your stupidity and childishness.

  6. America as an idea is one thing y’all but none of this could ever have been remotely possible without the literal dirt under our feet. The bounty She has given and provided for all of our ancestors to this day should not be relegated to a philosophical whim. Where else on Earth could this great experiment have flourished? Respect. She’s worth fighting for whatever lies ahead.

  7. Ruban says:

    Hey CQ,

    Thanks again for beginning to write again! Missed you a lot over the past year+.

    Isn’t America a mixture of an idea and this land, though?

    Although America is an idea, I couldn’t imagine America happening on, say, the Sahara (ie. desert with few resources).

    For sure, America is an “idea” first – I guess I can just understand where the “America is also this land” folks are coming from.

    Maybe it’s this:
    “America is an idea – a seed that can grow into a massive tree. A seed requires the right soil in which to grow. America could not grow and flourish in the Sahara desert. But when planted in the soil here on our continent, it has what it needs to grow into a giant tree.

    America the tree is therefore of the land here, but it is not the land.”

  8. Wren says:

    I have the Lelo Sona and it took me a while to get used to after switching from a bullet. I stuck with it anyway because I spent a sickening amount of money on it and now I absolutely love it. So OP, if you try one out and it takes you a minute to get used to it, please don’t give up! Could just be a learning curve.

  9. Mil says:

    The “America is an idea / meme” concept was put so eloquently. I recall Coke historically refer to the States as a capitalist experiment, so I feel like this recent remark is in line.

    Coke, can you, or anyone else here, recommend any books or articles on this? I want to be able to relay this to others in an equally eloquent way.


  10. As a fan, and as CQ might say, use your words. All this is an illusion. “In an equally eloquent way” is a really beautiful phrase, U got this, talk to them.

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