On premium services

No trust-fund or money, but I would send you 1% of my money for help figuring out what to do.

Okay, sure. I’m open to this. If you would like me to be your lifestyle consultant or personal mentor, we can discuss terms. 

Any of you who are interested can reach out.


22 thoughts on “On premium services

  1. ojoy says:

    I understand that you’re economically socialist, so pardon the naivete of what I’m about to ask: what would you charge someone who has minimal income at the moment due to health issues plus The World Being On Fire? I hate suddenly having no income, obviously, and as a high-risk bartender I’m looking at having to find a shiny new career. What would you charge someone who is basically plugging along with minimum-wage remote customer service jobs right now?

    • Ojoy says:

      Coke, I’m gonna rephrase the question and hope the answer is not “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.” Assuming your going rate was 1% of someone’s income, what is the minimum income I should strive for to be able to enlist your services?

      • Cuttlefish says:

        It sounds like you’re interested, so I suggest you reach out to her directly to ask this. She may be open to a sliding scale, but I doubt she’ll want to discuss your individual circumstances in the public comments.

  2. Tessa says:

    Love this. We’re all selling something for money these days to cope with losses. Me- it’s demeaning old, conspiracist trumpers for cash. Mostly just a humble brag b/c I love it.

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