On a disgusting metaphor.

My guy friend believes that a single woman is a slut if she has casual sex. His logic is that men are like keys and women are like locks. If a key opens a lot of locks it’s a good key but if a lock opens up to a lot of keys then it’s a shitty lock. I guess it’s sort of sweet( i guess… -_-) that he sees women as something along the lines of a treasure. But mostly i’m pissed at that idea but I can’t exactly articulate the exact why…

Sort of sweet? Are you fucking kidding me? That’s a disgusting metaphor, and your friend is a gigantic asshole for saying shit like that out loud in this century.

He doesn’t see women as a treasure. He sees them as an enigmatic device, a mechanical problem to be picked. Naturally, his penis is the fucking solution, literally the key. What a douche.

It’s just a faulty simile that reinforces an antiquated sexual double standard rooted in archaic notions of masculine virility and feminine chastity. It doesn’t even make sense within itself. After all, just because a guy slips it in to my keyhole, that doesn’t mean my shit’s gonna automatically unlock for him.

Do you see how it’s all a clumsy value judgment? There’s nothing clever in his trite little comparison. There is no logic. It’s just ignorance masked as folk wisdom.


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