On a doctor or a doctorate

I recently have been struggling with deciding what path to take with my life.  I came to university with a set plan on attending medical school post graduation, which I can feasibly achieve,  However, I’m now extensively involved in neuroscientific research and think that I’d much rather pursue a Ph.D in the discipline.  I’m torn because a medical degree is job and financial security for life, yet a Ph.D would allow me to flesh out my intellectual curiosities but I run the risk of being over-educated and unemployed with the current trend of NIH funding.  Should I pursue the riskier route or play it safe?

I call bullshit.

Medical school is the greater challenge, and while it may be one you could “feasibly achieve,” it’s certainly more rigorous than getting a PhD to “flesh out your intellectual curiosities.”

Hell, if you really had brass balls, you’d look for a medical science training program and go for a dual MD/PhD in Neuroscience.

If you’re gonna be over-educated, you might as well not fuck around.


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