On a future lawyer

I’ve been accepted to Stanford, Northwestern, Columbia, and Georgetown Law schools; as well as Sandra Day O’Connor at ASU (my sure thing, in case I didn’t get into any of the others).

Money isn’t a problem. Whichever one you tell me to attend, I will attend.

Damn. Congratulations. Go to Stanford.

(If you know now that you eventually want to practice law in New York or DC, then consider Columbia or Georgetown respectively, but only if there’s value in establishing yourself in those cities during law school.)


One thought on “On a future lawyer

  1. theresa says:

    Coke – working full time in Manhattan in compliance and considering part-time law school. I think it will help me advance further in my career and provide me with additional opportunities if the compliance market dries up/I get bored. Thoughts? Kind of nervous about the toll it’ll take on my personal life and finances if I have to take loans. I’m currently debt free.

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