On a jealous boyfriend

He can’t handle me having contact with other guys—- even on Facebook. I’m ONLY into him… like head over heels, otherwise I would say fuck it and head out. He has apologized profusely. He has a lot of issues involving exes cheating and an abusive dad beating the thought that’s he’s a POS into his head emotionally and physically.  He is an amazing person, the most altruistic person I have met. He treats me better than anyone ever has. How do I approach this?

He’s not an amazing person. He’s just a dude, one with severe trust and control issues who’s making a bunch of excuses for behavior that is absolutely unacceptable.

You aren’t gonna hear me when I say this, but you should run for the fucking hills. You won’t, though. You’re in love, and your standards are pretty low.

At the very least, quit making excuses for his bullshit. Don’t ever let him use his jealousy as a means to control you. You can have contact with whomever the fuck you want, whenever the fuck you want.

If he can’t handle it, that’s his problem to fix. He’s the one with the glaring character flaw, and it’s not on you to appease him.


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