On apologists.

It’s clear from your blogs that you don’t like Scientology. Why? As someone with a family friend who is a Scientologist, I’ve stood my ground with anyone who’s questioned this as a lifestyle or religion and said people are free to practice what they will. Granted, it might have some “crazy” beliefs, but no crazier than other, more popular religions. And yes, there might have been some coercion, misuse of power, intimidation, etc, but, as I said, no worse than other religions. I respect you and your opinions so I’d love to hear what you have to say on the matter.

Yes, by all means, stand your ground for people’s freedom to be gullible idiots. Use faulty logic to defend ridiculous and damaging belief systems because your family happens to be friends with a cult member.

Keep fighting the good fight. The world needs more religious apologists to spread ignorance on the backs of their own principles.


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