On basic skullduggery

I was recently handed information that could be the tipping point for a co-worker who has an extensive history of sub-par performance and general bitchery. She and I have never got along that well as I just don’t trust her – my gut knows she’s shady. But, she is also a human, a single mother, and has come a long way in life. My question is, do I go to my boss with what I know, potentially ending my co-workers career and feel a little like a rat or do I hold on to what I know and let things unfold without my involvement? I am supremely upset by my coworker’s behavior, but am not sure I am in the position to tear her little playhouse down and it be the best thing I can do right now. What would be the Coquette move here?

This is all very vague, and you sound a little too pleased with yourself. You’ve got some shit on a co-worker that may or may not be useful as leverage, but to what end? What do you really want to have happen here?

Do you gain anything out of getting this bitch fired? Even if you do, is it worth the potential blowback? What’s really in it for you? And remember, if you tear down your co-worker’s playhouse just to watch it fall, then that makes you pretty shady too.

Don’t waste leverage just to create drama. Either use it to achieve a specific goal — and be prepared for the consequences — or just shut the fuck up and do your job.


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