On beef curtains.

I was having a conversation earlier today with a man I am involved with(not yet sexually) and somehow the topic of vaginas came up and he went off on how women with large labia minora are disgusting, and then continuously referred to them as “arbys beef and cheddar” “roast beef” and “beef curtains”. From this my pussy quenched tight and my stomach churned out of disappointment, I wanted to vomit, my vagina is in the large labia minora category. I then told him that, at his age, I would assume that his sexual maturity would be high enough that the appearance of a pussy, unless covered in herpes sores, wouldn’t matter to him because they all function the same way. From this, he got the implication that my vagina had the large labia minora and proceeded to tell me things weren’t going to work out. I am now back to square one, my short contentment with the appearance of my vagina has been run to shambles because this is not the first I’ve heard of men hating “beef curtains”. I am heavily considering getting a labiaplasty to avoid any future issues on the subject.

First of all, your pussy clenched. Under these circumstances, I assure you it did not quench.

Secondly, the conversation you were having was not with a man. It was with a half-retarded Dane Cook fan whose locker-room opinion isn’t worth the virginity he undoubtedly has yet to lose.

If you insist that searing off your pussy lips with a James Bond laser is a good idea, at least do it for yourself and not to please some adolescent asshole.

Anyone who refers to your vagina as fast food doesn’t deserve to influence your self image whatsoever, so if you want to avoid future issues on the subject, perhaps you should cut the douchebags out of your life instead of cutting the flesh off of your genitals.

Just think about it.


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