On being a groupie

So I know it sounds bad to say this, but my friend is a big groupie of this band. Like goes to all their shows in a reasonable distance, has plenty of their; tees, posters,etc., she even hooks up with one of them, I would call her obsesed! She convinced me to go with her to see them.

With a weird turn of events, I ended up hooking up with one of them. I dont obsess and I dont even take plesure listening to there music. The guy and I just ended up clicking and I just wanted to have some fun. But does this make me a groupie too?

Don’t worry, you’re not a groupie. You’re a stupid whore.

I’m totally kidding. You’re not a whore.

Seriously though, learn the difference between their and there. While you’re at it, pay attention to your punctuation, use your fucking spell check, and try writing sentences with both a subject and a predicate.

I know, you’re a teenage girl. You’ve got better things to do than write above a third grade level, but trust me on this, your communication skills are a vital component to your interpersonal relationships.

Learn to string a few words together. Show some respect for your language. You never know, babe. Maybe one day instead of blowing the bass player, you could be the lead singer.

(Oh, and quit being so worried about being labeled a groupie. Instead, develop excellent taste in music, be passionate about artists who deserve your attention, and fuck who you want to fuck.)


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