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On being easy

Some advice: if you fuck on the first-date, he probably won’t come back for a second. If the sex was hot and he does come back enjoy becoming fuck-buddies, because by fucking on the first-date, you’ve essentially told him by your actions: “I’m easy and definitely not the type of girl you’ll be wanting to take-home or marry, because anyone who I find attractive and who picks up the bill, I’ll let fuck me.”

I’m glad that you read my twitter, and I can appreciate the brass balls it takes to offer someone like me unsolicited advice, but honey, not only are you in way over your head, you’re also wrong about life. I fuck who I fuck when I fuck because I wanna fuck, and I don’t give a flying fuck whether the people I fuck think I’m the marrying type. That doesn’t make me easy. That makes me hard.

I am the one in command of my own sexual virtue. I am the one who defines that virtue. No one else gets a say in it — not you, not the world, and certainly not some guy I allowed the privilege of fucking me on the first date.

Everything you believe to be true about sexual virtue is a tragic lie instilled in you by a misogynistic, patriarchal culture that is fundamentally terrified of female sexuality, and that bullshit needs to be systematically unlearned. I’d feel sorry for you if you weren’t making yourself part of the problem by spreading around this kind of ignorant, regressive poison.


3 thoughts on “On being easy

  1. RC says:

    Say I do fuck on the first date, and he subsequently loses interest in me. The real question is: why should I care what that gross misogynist thinks about me anyway? Self-respect is not about whether you have sex or not. It’s about whether or not you let some random guy’s opinion of you influence your opinion of yourself.

  2. Light37 says:

    I’ve seen this go down in the past and pointed out to my friends that the guy who judges you negatively for doing exactly what he’s doing is the guy you should stay far, far away from. If consensual sex means you’re a dirty ho in is mind, then what does that make him?

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