On bisexual boys

Why can’t there be more heterosexually-inclined males that are open to some homo-licious encounters?

I feel as though most women are open to this, whereas guys carry on their macho bravado like they don’t really want some dick now and again.

I understand the whole female-on-female acceptance, and the typical bro-on-bro no-no, but I feel everyone would have a lot more fun if they’d chill the fuck out and have some fun!

What’s your take on this, oh coke-y one?

Ah, yes. The ultimate double standard.

The average woman with a healthy sexual appetite would rather sleep with a beautiful woman than an ugly man. The average man with a healthy sexual appetite would rather sleep with an ugly woman than a beautiful man. That’s just the way it seems to be these days.

I honestly don’t care. More dick for me, really. I’m also not the type of girl who gets off on two men getting it on.

If that’s you’re thing, fine. I wish you all the hot bisexual cock you can handle, but I’ve found that if you’re the token girl in the room when two guys decide to start experimenting, things are bound to go terribly wrong or terribly right.

Either way, you don’t need to be there anymore.


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