On boobs versus rubes

What do you think of the “topless jihad” protests FEMEN is doing in order to try and “save” Muslim women from their hijab/niqaab etc?

You’re missing the point. FEMEN activists aren’t trying to save Muslim women from their traditional dress. They’re trying to provoke a response through disruptive activism, and they’re doing a damn good job.

You have to understand, this is what radicals and reactionaries do. In this case, the radicals are breast-baring feminists and the reactionaries are fatwa-issuing muslims. It’s Boobs versus Rubes in an international, counter-cultural game of shirts and skins.

The radicals cry out against the systematic oppression and institutionalized subjugation of women through religious patriarchy. They deliberately provoke and offend through staged demonstrations in the hopes that the reactionaries will live up to their name and react.

Right on cue, the pseudo-intellectual reactionaries cry western imperialism and hurl accusations of Islamophobia while the fundamentalist reactionaries cry blasphemy and hurl stones.

It’s really quite fun to watch everyone pick sides, especially the socially conscious cultural relativists whose pointy little heads are about to explode from all the cognitive dissonance.

Obviously, I’m rooting for team FEMEN. Duh. Boobs are awesome and organized religion is evil, but it doesn’t even matter how the rest of this game plays out, because as is always the case, the radicals automatically win just by getting the reactionaries to show up and open their stupid mouths.


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