On call girl gossip.

Recently, my friends have been gossiping about the possibility a friend-of-a-friend is a call-girl. I’ve only met the girl twice and we never even see her or the friend of her’s we know, but the gossip really bothered me. I don’t really care if she is or isn’t, but it seems that if its not true it could really hurt someone’s feelings and if its true it reeks of slut-shaming. It just seems reckless to risk someone else’s feelings/reputation for a couple of snarky giggles. When I confronted one of my friends, she was kind of dismissive. How do I try to get these people to understand this is a subject best left untouched? Or am I making too big a deal out of it? Also, would it be wrong to try to setup a “date” with her if it turns out to be true?

Wow. You don’t want your friends gossiping about this girl, but you want to know if it’s okay to proposition her? Classy, dude.

Here’s what’s up. When bitches whisper this kind of shit talk, it’s usually because the girl in question is hotter than they are, drives a nicer car than they do, and has at some point been seen with an older man in public.

I know it seems ridiculous, but that’s really all it takes to start rumors. They weren’t gossiping about a fact, after all. They were gossiping about a possibility, and the kind of girls who do that wouldn’t have the slightest fucking clue how to spot the professional in the room.

Odds are, she’s not a call girl. Even if she is, please respect her social boundaries by never offering to pay her for sex.


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