On coachella 2017

I feel like you’ve mentioned going; do you have any feelings on the guy who owns Coachella being an anti-gay, anti-climate change piece of shit? Hope you’re well and you had a banging new year.


Yeah, I’m done with Coachella. Not because of Phil Fucking Anschutz, though. I’m done because the law of diminishing returns started setting in the year that it became two weekends instead of one, and I know that it won’t ever get any better than Arcade Fire at the Outdoor Stage in 2005 or Daft Punk at the Sahara Tent in 2006. Coachella isn’t that festival anymore, and I’m not that person anymore. That shit was a decade ago, and things change.

Still, you should go if it’s that time in your life, and regardless of what you think of Coachella, it’s a bit silly to suddenly act all woke because you learned that AEG belongs to a rich white bigoted asshole. Phil Anschutz deserves every last inch of bad press he gets, but let’s not kid ourselves. The world is run by rich white bigoted assholes — especially now, and especially the entertainment world. If we started boycotting everything owned by rich white bigoted assholes, we literally wouldn’t have toilet paper to wipe our asses, so don’t let the bastards ruin your good time.


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  1. S says:

    Completely unrelated but swallowing my mind – my roommate A had a massive fight w my other roommate R today. R got in her face and threatened to make the next 2 weeks unbearable to live in our house. He was supposed to move out, and is now swaying between yes and no before us. He has kicked a strangers car before, and threw a can at me when I didn’t have time to take out the trash. I’m scared for my safety. A) is this intuition or anxiety? B) should I stay at my boyfriend’s or friends’ the next few days?

    • Livvid says:

      Your intuition and anxiety are not mutually exclusive. They both seem to be working pretty fine to me, because the situation definitely sounds potentially unsafe. Take whatever reasonable precautions necessary for your safety and well being. You should feel at ease in your own home.

    • Chloe says:

      Don’t you have a landlord who can take care of their errant tenant and resolve this issue for you? If your safety is at jeopardy, speak to your landlord, preferably through e-mail so there is a paper trail should any actual event happen in the future and you have proof your landlord/their office was aware of your concerns and either did or didn’t act upon them. I’m not sure of the legalities of where you’re renting, but if you’re renting from a private landlord (e.g. not social housing as we term it in the UK), then they are liable for your safety while you are a resident inside their property. If he assaults you or damages your property, then you can bring the cops into the mix. You can bring them in before, if he’s subletting a room from another tenant, not the landlord.

      This post on MetaFilter might be of some use to you – you said roommate not flatmate so I assume you’re in the US? Here’s the URL:

      If you feel at risk and unsafe in your home, then of course, please leave immediately. Leave everything behind or move it into a storage unit. Lock the door to your room and go. Let the landlord know through e-mail of your concerns and intentions of vacating the property because of your concern. Film your exit and arrival at your boyfriend/friends place to have tangible proof that if damages occur to the landlord’s property you were not in the property when it happened. However, if any damage does occur, the tenants’ deposits should cover any costs to the landlord (up to a certain point). No possession is worth your life. You’ll still be liable for the rent even if you leave and decide to end your lease prior to the date stipulated in your contract.

      Best wishes and good luck!

      • Hangry says:

        Whether your landlord has any responsibility in this situation will vary widely depending on a) jurisdiction (states, cities, and counties all have varying levels of tenant protections) and b) whether you and the roommate are on the same lease.

        If you are on the same lease as your roommate, it is almost certainly not your landlord’s responsibility to do anything about the situation, and you should be aware that your landlord could respond by attempting to terminate all of your tenancies (again, depending on jurisdiction).

        Definitely see if there is a legal aid or housing rights office in your area that can give you advice. Do your own research and don’t rely on shady legal advice from anyone on the internet, including me.

    • Nona says:

      I am sorry you are in this unfortunate situation, but this is not the time or place to address this.
      Now let’s figure this out:
      1) Leave if you feel unsafe, I beg you.
      2) Try to find a service that can provide you with the legal and therpeutic help you might need. If you have difficulty finding or accessing these services, ask a close friend or family member that you trust for help.

  2. Romanian Psycho says:

    ” If we started boycotting everything owned by rich white bigoted assholes, we literally wouldn’t have toilet paper to wipe our asses” fuck it, maybe we should.

    • Aletheia says:

      Eeeeh… there’s some lines I won’t cross, and boycotting toilet paper is one of them. Now, if you found an affordable indie company that produced toilet paper with ethics, sustainability, and all the other things like that, *then* we can talk… 😛

  3. Wrkrb says:

    “If we started boycotting everything owned by rich white bigoted assholes, we literally wouldn’t have toilet paper to wipe our asses, so don’t let the bastards ruin your good time.” This is some gross capitalist apologist bullshit from a material girl. Good luck wiping your ass on space stations owned by bigoted assholes after they kill all of the vulnerable species, use up the last of the good topsoil and waste the remaining freshwater.BOYCOTT THEM CONSTANTLY. Evade their influence. Be part of something else. Stop rationalizing support for people or institutions that undermine your values or the safety of others.

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