On college

Hey Coque,

Glad to see you back and getting at it. Now that you’re talking shit again I was hoping you could titty slap me with some knowledge.

I’m moving off to college in a month and a half and I’m pretty nervous as you can imagine. I want to make the most of my year and really grow as a person and learn some new shit about life. I’m worried I may get caught up in the bullshit of academia or the shallowness of partying.

I recognize that there’s a shit load of stuff you can learn in a classroom and through partying so I was hoping that you, as a college educated woman who knows her way around a line of coke, could impart some of your hard earned wisdom on me.

I’ve said it once before, and I guess I’ll start saying it every year around this time for all the kids going off to college:

Sleep more than you study. Study more than you party. Party as much as you possibly can.

*titty slap*


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