On dating that guy in that band.

I’m dating this guy from a semi famous band openly. my friend was looking through my texts, and found out about it, gasp. she thinks i’m being ‘taken advantage of,’ am ‘one of many,’ and it’s all ‘b.s cuz honestly why would he pick you? no offense.’
anyway, I’m not some dumb bitch, and know that the long distance thing isn’t the best and that girls are throwing themselves at him because he’s in a band, but am I being an idiot? I really like him, and it seems like me, but is it worth it? And am I a cunt for wanting to slap this ‘friend’?

Just ignore the jealous bitch. She’s not even worth the slap. After all, haters gonna hate.

So what if you’re one of many? You’re dating a musician, not marrying an accountant. As long as you don’t have any illusions about what might happen on the road, enjoy yourself.

Go have some fucking fun.


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