On democracy in action

What’s a quick, concise, facts-based way to respond to my mother in law when she starts freaking out about how undemocratic the overturning of prop 8 and DOMA is?

She’s an anti-homo religious nut and we don’t usually discuss subjects on which we know we disagree, but I at least want to have something ready to say when I see her next week. If Facebook is any indication, her passions are running very high. Please help.

Help with what? Fuck your mother-in-law.

She’s obviously an ignorant cunt, and it sounds like her concept of democracy was formed in grade school the same year her class built log cabins out of popsicle sticks. Why bother explaining judicial review to an idiot who confuses the will of the people for mob rule?

Small-minded simpletons like her are the reason we have a representative democracy with an independent judiciary. Of all the checks and balances built into our system of government by the founding fathers, judicial review is the most important when it comes to ensuring that a majority of assholes like your mother-in-law can’t simply vote away the rights of a minority.

Undemocratic my ass. Today’s Supreme Court decision was a rare and shining example of democracy actually working.


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