On discretion.

I recently became a cam girl. It’s fucking awesome. I get paid lots of money for very little work and it’s great to have guys ADORE my body.

I let three people know about this, all close friends of mine. One of them is someone who once had her own naked Tumblr, so I thought she of all people would “”get it.”” But she’s actually being kind of a bitch about it. When I text her to tell her that I made this much money or that I had a really nice chat, she’s like “”Nice.”” That’s it. One-worded response.

What is her damage? She showed off her tits and ass to the world of Tumblr, now I’m showing off my bod to the world of ImLive. Why is she acting this way, and how do I get her to stop?

Your friend didn’t tell you to fuck off. She said, “Nice.” Seriously, bitch, what do you want? A fucking cookie?

Bragging about how much money you make is tacky no matter how you earn it, and if you can’t tell the difference between having a naked tumblr and having anonymous masturbation sessions with strangers on the internet for money, then you need a refresher course in whoredom.

Sell your ass if you want, but recognize that just because your friends don’t judge you for it, that doesn’t mean they want to hear about it. Have some fucking discretion.

If one of your girls expresses interest in your cam work, feel free to regale her with tales of how some creep in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania paid extra to watch you shove your underwear up your pussy. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and do your job like everyone else.


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