On doing it for yourself

This guy I’m dating told me everything is perfect and he’s ready for me to be his girlfriend but there’s just one problem… I’m a little fat. I wear a size 10. WTF do I do? Stay with him and lose weight (I wouldn’t mind)? Or woman-up and walk the fuck out?

Both, sweetie.

Your instinct to dump this douchebag is the right one.

Sure, he’d prefer you thinner. That’s no big deal. Problem is, he made it an ultimatum, and you should never put up with that shit. Drop his ass on general principle.

At the same time, if you wouldn’t mind losing the weight, go ahead and do it. Spend May and June hitting the gym and eating a healthy 1200 calorie diet.

Keep it up, and you’ll be buying size six for the summer.

Do it for yourself, not for him.


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