On eat, pray, love.

How do you feel about Eat, Pray, Love? The book, the movie, the phenomenon, the subsequent Newsweek human interest stories?

I resent the implication that I need to feel anything at all for Eat, Pray, Love.

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a breezy little memoir that got anointed by Oprah, and now it’s a lifestyle brand for spiritually confused housewives. So what? She cashed in on her mid-life crisis. Good for her, but don’t expect me to connect with any of that curry flavored bullshit.

I’ll give her some credit for not leading an unexamined life, but a journey of personal discovery is only as fascinating as the person who makes it. I have no interest in listening to a narcissistic bore come to terms with her own mediocrity, regardless of how exotic the locale.

Then again, I’m not riddled with latent guilt for living in a walled garden of privilege, and I don’t need to indulge in world travel to discover that I’m not the center of the fucking universe.


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