On friends who rat.

Sometimes I just want to bitchslap every single one of my friends, and I mean that. I really do. Apparently, being friends with me means that we’re “all in this together.” Including working at the same place and being in the same school clubs. I can’t have any privacy.

I signed up for a club at school that I was genuinely interested in/I could go to blazed without getting in any trouble. After I told my friends I’d signed up, so did they. And now I can’t do shit in the club, nor am I allowed to miss any meetings, because if I do, one of them hounds me for it or rats on me for skipping.

They even followed me to my job. I just got a job as a waitress at a cafe, and about two weeks after I was hired, my friend went and got a job there too. I love my friend, I really, really do, but the lack of privacy is killing me. I can’t have ten minutes alone, nor can I go out and have a smoke without being told on.

What do I do? Am I just being a whiney 16 year old brat, or are my friends mad creepy?

Friends don’t rat, plain and simple. Do these bitches a favor and embarrass the fuck out of them for being a tattle-tales.

Shame them. Be cruel. They need some tough love.

Lay down the fucking law — bitch better light your cigarette and shut the fuck up or you’ll choke her out with her own pigtails.

Don’t ever put up with a rat.


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