Fun-Sized Advice

On fun sized advice.

Why did you not answer my question?
I got over a thousand questions last month. It’s nothing personal.

Why are you so cranky and bitchy?
That’s how I react to stupidity.

Are you addicted to cigarettes?
Nope. I smoke when I’m with smokers.

What do you think of men like tucker max?

Men? No, no. Those are boys.

Do you think that we are all bisexual people?

That assumes only two genders.

I’m pregnant. How do I tell him?

After the abortion.

How do you tell your best friend that her boyfriend is truly unfortunate looking?

Start off by being shallow and then say something condescending that you’ll regret later.

Do you think Chuck Taylor shoes are sexy on girls?

On girls, sometimes yes. Oddly enough, never on guys.

Your hatred for cats is completely understandable. But do you hate dogs, too?
I love puppies! Puppies, puppies, puppies!

Young woman learning to be a bartender; any tips?
Cleavage and a smile, babe.

Why isn’t life as exciting as a Gossip Girl episode?
Gossip Girl? You have very low standards.

What is the difference between Republicans and Democrats?



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