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On fun-sized advice

He bought us an expensive vibrator for couples that worked via an app for when he was away – but now that we’ve broken up, what do I do with it?
Well, with a little tinkering, you could always turn it into a detonator.

Your thoughts on friends who subtly throw shade and then say “just kidding” or otherwise make it so if you call them out, you’ll sound irrational and overemotional?

Quit being so easily manipulated by passive-aggressive cunts.

Why is it that having a stable relationship in my 20s, not partying or hooking up with other guys all the time, makes me feel like I’m wasting my life?

Take a step back and realize that you’re the type who’d feel like you were missing out either way.

Should I start my own clothing line?


I’m 38 and about to get divorced. Any advice? Shouldn’t I be sadder?

Fuck no. Congratulations. You’re getting out just in time for your mid-life crisis. It’ll be wonderful and terrible all at the same time. Do your best to grow as a person. Save your money. Don’t rush into anything.

What’s the difference between self-reflection and navel-gazing?

Other people’s opinion of you.

What is the point of it all?


Your thoughts on a guy who counts his sexual partners and boasts with his number?

Don’t fuck him. He’s terrible in bed.

I love your blog but it makes me feel really inadequate as a (young) theist virgin who doesn’t drink, smoke, hook up, or do drugs. Should it?

Nah. I was all of those things once. Just stay open minded, and you’ll be fine.


One thought on “On fun-sized advice

  1. Levi says:

    What about a guy who is good in bed and still brings up his number all the time? Half the time I feel as if he wants me to feel insecure.

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