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On fun-sized advice

Are you a sociopath?
Nope. That word gets way too much play these days by people who don’t understand what it really means. There is a huge difference between a garden variety asshole and someone with antisocial personality disorder.

Do you think it’s wrong to lie on a grad school application. Not implausible lies, just little things to make you seem more qualified.
Don’t ask my permission to pad your resume. I’m not your fucking conscience. Make your own tough decisions about how full of shit you want to be in this world.

What would you define as an intrusive fantasy about a friend?
An intrusive fantasy is one that interferes with your relationships. Basically, it’s a fantasy so powerful or recurring that you can’t keep it in your head, and it causes you to behave in a way that has negative consequences.

Woody Allen is one thing. Please tell me you acknowledge that false sexual assault allegations exist and that some women use it as a weapon.
Why is it important to you that I acknowledge that? Is your male ego really so fragile that I need to validate your position? What are you even defending? Seriously, go sit in a corner and think about how pathetic it is that you felt the need to write in to me and argue on behalf of rape culture. Yep, that’s what you did. Shame on you.

Just out of interest, if there’s always a reason to condemn the country hosting the Olympics, what was Britain’s reason?
Really? You can’t find a reason to condemn a monarchical surveillance state with five centuries of brutal, racist imperialism under its belt?

All this shit about Diet Coke being bad for you is a load of crap, right?
Nah. Diet Coke is most definitely a slow poison, but so is the air in Los Angeles. It’s all going to kill you. Fuck it.

Have you ever been on a cruise ship? If so, did you enjoy it?
I have enjoyed being on yachts, but cruise ships seem like a special kind of hell.

You’re rant about Girls was so Jessa.
You get points for making me laugh.


One thought on “On fun-sized advice

  1. Quinn says:

    For anyone still reading this, for the false rape accusation one, the way I look at it is this: yeah, it’s entirely possible that any given rape accusation could be fake. But unless it involves a situation you were personally present for, or it was filmed or there was some other hard evidence, there’s no way you can really know. But, if you get too hung up on the possibility of it being fake? The people in your life who really have been assaulted take note of that and trust you a little less, and probably inch that much further away from ever telling you. And I don’t just mean acquaintances, but close friends, family, even partners and spouses.

    Leave the criminal investigation to the professionals, and in the meantime, show the people in your life that they can trust you. You never know.

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