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On fun-sized advice

Am I shit person for saying “Yaaaaaaaaasssss” when I heard that Scalia died? I feel like I should at least wait until his body is cold but I’m so fucking happy he’s gone.
Nope. Fuck that guy. Fuck him right in his fat dead face.

My cousin said the same thing about Obama nominating himself on facebook at almost the same moment you said it on twitter. I like how this is something many people are considering.
It’s a silly fantasy, but one I enjoy pondering.

I have a ton of anger about being female and I don’t know what to do about it.
Reframe the way you think. You don’t have a ton of anger about being female. You have a ton of anger about living in a patriarchal society. That way, instead of your anger manifesting as internalized misogyny, it will manifest as externalized defiance.

“There was an officer safety risk preceding the shooting of Tamir Rice, and for that reason, his shooting was justified.” For or against this position?
Radically against.

Please tell me it gets better.
Sometimes it does. Mostly it just changes.

Is 30 still young?
Relative to what?

Nobody believes I can do it. Are they right?
Are you nobody?

Is it possible to be an extrovert with social anxiety? I think I’ve been mislabeling myself “introvert” my whole life.
Of course it’s possible. Then again, people ascribe way too much value to being labeled extrovert or introvert. It’s not a binary, and where you fall on the spectrum can change depending on your phase of life. Worry less about the label and focus more on dealing with your anxiety.

I don’t have enough worth/self-value to demand the things I actually need out of my relationships. “Know yourself know your worth” is easier said than done. Give me a mantra or a first step or SOMETHING to get started, O Wise One?
People think self-worth is some kind of armor that you wear on the inside that strengthens you. It’s not. Self-worth is an active process. The reason it’s easier said than done is because it requires that you actually do something. Self-worth is the very act of demanding your needs, and it’s your willingness to walk the fuck away. Self-worth is expecting rather than needing. It is your convictions firmly held

With all of this new posting, any chance we could get a style blog revival? Even a mini series would be nice…
I’m not going to revive the style blog. Managing three blogs while having a career and a life was an absurd amount work. I’ve integrated some of the old style stuff on my personal blog, and I might add some new style stuff, but we’ll see.


8 thoughts on “On fun-sized advice

  1. PolicyChick says:

    Regarding Scalia, who did more to damage constitutional jurisprudence in general and civil rights in particular during his time on the Supreme Court, I offer a quote from one of my Con Law professors:

    “Scalia will never leave the bench. He’s too arrogant to retire and too mean to die.”

    Glad Professor S was wrong on at least one count.

    Oh and also – yes Obama nominating himself would never happen, but a Clinton administration might. Confirmation would be another story of course. Dare to dream.

      • PolicyChick says:

        @perspectivator – Well, that’s hard to say. They can delay by: Not bringing the vote to the floor; filibustering, or other procedural means. As well as, being merciless during the confirmation hearing and of course, then voting the nominee down.
        So I guess in a sense, they could do all these things to successive nominees until January 21st if they want.
        Obama needs all of the Democrats and 14 Republicans to get confirmation and that’s a pretty tall order. If he nominates someone on the moderate side (which I imagine he will) the nominee might have a better chance.
        All that said, I can’t imagine the Senate really doing such – it would be a true abdication of one of its most important responsibilities. I mean, a full year with only eight Justices?

    • a grouch says:

      That occurred to me as well. I had a ton of anger at being female (and all things feminine). The bitterness didn’t start to dissipate until I started transitioning. I still have a lot of bitterness, but it’ll probably take a lifetime to get through the tail end.

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