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On fun-sized advice

Shut up.

Existential crisis over Trump becoming president. Help. Anything. Answers… please? Even a “Trump will win” truth will help calm me down because at least I don’t have to strain on the mystery.
You need to work on getting comfortable with uncertainty. Never forget, the entire human experiment is conducted on a knife edge. Security is an illusion, and the thin veneer of civilization could dissolve at any moment.

If you still think about your ex every day, do you think it means you’re not over him? Or is it just curiosity on how someone’s doing that once meant so much to you?
Passing thoughts are fine, but if emotions of any significance are still attached to those thoughts, you’re not over him.

Are we doomed to repeat the roles of our parents in relationships?
Patterns, not roles. And yes, you are doomed to repeat them. That doesn’t mean you have to keep repeating them all your life. You can always unlearn the patterns, but some repetition is inevitable.

So the destruction of Libya is of no account? Hillary’s support for catastrophic wars – or military intervention – in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria is of no consequence? Sorry, but Hillary Clinton is no better than her predecessors or Donald Trump. The US is ill-served by both main parties, by both candidates. How can you not see this? Or is it all about having a female President for you, no matter what her history or beliefs?
You are a fucking child.

Betty Shelby deserves those charges and I hope she is found guilty. But am I in the wrong to feel slightly annoyed that they were so quick to charge a white female cop but failed to do the same for all those other countless dumbfuck white male cops?
It’s okay for you to notice how eager the police are to disavow a female officer. Betty Shelby will go to prison for shooting Terence Crutcher, as well she fucking should, but your instincts are correct. She’ll end up being as much an example of institutional misogyny as she is of institutional racism.

Can you install a random advice button, please?
Um, look up at the menu. It’s literally been there the whole time.

What do you think of those of us who still think of you as Coke Talk? Sweet big sister nostalgia or irritating inability to grow up along with you?
Call me whatever you like. I don’t mind a bit.

My pre-order arrived. Only 8 pages in, and all I have to say is THANK YOU. I started reading the blog 4 years ago, and just like in the intro, I felt I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t the only nutjob questioning everything, and you told me just what I needed to hear. Thank you for existing, dear dear Coquette. Thank you for this book. Thank you.
This makes me so fucking happy I can’t even stand it.

I am so grateful to be alive at the same as you. It means everything.
It’s not me. It’s the internet.


109 thoughts on “On fun-sized advice

  1. Lin says:

    Had the same reaction when I heard he news about Betty Shelby.

    Also, I don’t know if I can ever get comfortable with the prospect of Trump being president. I’d rather civilization collapse.

  2. Lotcal says:

    I got an email from Amazon saying my pre-order is being shipped. Currently some creep is breaking into the letter boxes my apartment. I’m thinking any fuck wit who breaks into letter boxes could probably do with your advice but goddam I better get my books!

    • coskel says:

      Are you in the US? Thats a felony:
      Mailboxes are considered federal property, and federal law (Title 18, United States Code, Section 1705), makes it a crime to vandalize them (or to injure, deface or destroy any mail deposited in them). Violators can be fined up to $250,000, or imprisoned for up to three years, for each act of vandalism.

      Postal Inspectors recommend these actions to protect your mailbox and any mail that may be inside it:

      Immediately report theft, tampering, or destruction of mail or mailboxes to your Postmaster. Call 1-877-876-2455 (press 5). (there was also a link but it didn’t make it through the form.

  3. Richard says:

    I love how people who hate both candidates act like they’ve discovered this secret knowledge that the rest of us are just blind to. Yall aren’t enlightened, you’re just intellectually lazy contrarians.

    I also love how Coke responds to them now.

    • Rainbowpony says:

      “… act like they’ve discovered this secret knowledge that the rest of us are just blind to….”

      That’s my general take on millenials.

      • madi says:

        ugh. stop it.

        the instinct to say hillary fucked up in libya, and in many other places across the globe, is correct. the instinct to say she’s no better than trump is incorrect. to not see the distinction is, yes, to be a fucking child.

        however, it’s unendingly frustrating to be criticized for wanting to throw up with the knowledge of damage our military has done internationally, including our military actions under HRC as SoS. to some extent, we have to ask the question “what *can* the president do with our current national security / military apparatus? and how can we change it?” this writer’s reaction shouldn’t be suffocated, it should be given room to grow, evolve, and produce meaningful change. sorry that millennials aren’t numbed to the realities of military intervention and apologies for wanting our future president to learn from her mistakes. and there have been many. acknowledging this fact isn’t an endorsement of trump. on the contrary, it’s supremely unhealthy to play like hillary’s record is unmarred.

        i really wish you would think about who you’re calling dumb and/or pretentious for being horrified, and what that says about your worldview.

        • Betsy says:

          On the one hand, I see your point. On the other, this isn’t exclusive to Hillary – it’s been part of US foreign policy pretty much continuously for the past century or so. It’s cool that you’re willing to criticise and question it, though.

          Just don’t be part of the knee-jerk “anti-imperialist” left and do things like claim Gaddhafi ran a wonderful welfare state (actual claim I’ve seen) or that Putin is a victim of US imperialism, that sort of thing. Unfortunately us folks in Europe sorta depends on your nuclear deterrence *shrug*

        • Stephen says:

          Hillary Rodham Clinton is not a perfect candidate, and I will still vote for her.

          She has done things which I think hit along a continuum of “ethically sketchy” to “awful” (e.g., foreign and domestic policy decisions, the email scandal), and I will still vote for her.

          I will vote for her because she is the better of the two major party candidates in this election, both on a policy level (in that Clinton has actual detailed policies and Trump has nothing but vague notions) and a “human” level (Trump is a walking tire fire disguised as a person). Clinton has shown that, for all the scandals and bad decisions, she has the temperment, knowledge, and ability to lead that make her capable of and qualified for carrying out the duties of the President. Trump…well, I think we all know the only people who think he’s qualified to be President are himself and the people he’s enthralled with his fifth-grade speaking style and “blame game” bullshit (“Muslims and Mexicans and free trade agreements are what’s making America a shithole!”).

          This election is about making a pragmatic decision in re: who to put in the White House. And there is a clear “correct” answer in that regard. If you’re unwilling or unable to put aside your political purity because you don’t like that answer, you are a goddamned child who needs to shut the fuck up when grown folks are talking.

        • Alice says:

          Yeah, as a millennial whose millennial friends are all also voting for Hillary, I’m just looking for a way to convince my 50 year old lifelong liberal mother that voting for Gary Johnson instead of Hillary because she’s “scandal prone” is dumb as fuck.

          • Betsy says:

            Here’s your argument: the core of ideology of the libertarian party is to completely privatise all government-run institutions and have totally unregulated capitalism. It is essentially impossible and a total misunderstanding of how capitalism works, but those people would still be toxic in charge of anything.

            To elaborate: libertarians support privatising all roads, all prisons, all schools, and all police as well abolishing social security and medicare. They are against gun control, against the minimum wage, against any sort of consumer or environmental standards, and against collective bargaining. They’re like Republicans, but worse.

          • J Lynn says:

            Here’s a potential talking point: Your mom may be retiring (by choice or not) in 15 years, maybe less. If she has any 401K, IRA, Trump is seriously gonna crash the stock market and she may not have time for her account to recover. A lot of Boomers’ retirement accounts still haven’t recovered from the 2008-09 crash.

            The need for steady leadership is even stronger if she plans to collect Social Security or use Medicare senior health insurance.

            When retirement looms, stability in the government is key.

            As far as new proposals, one of HRC’s is that people be allowed to buy into Medicare at 50 or 55 (I forget which). This would in most cases be cheaper than private health insurance.

            As for libertarians, the last time I allowed myself to get into a serious conversation with one was when I was interviewing this guy who was a member of the Pink Pistols gay shooting club. He was a totally cool guy in every way … except he was a libertarian, and not a casual one. He was middle-aged and a party activist. We both didn’t like W because of Iraq, and of course W’s admin had also wanted to privatize Social Security. I was saying I thought that was a bad idea, and he said that he thought Social Security itself was a bad idea. He believed the country had been on the wrong track since the New [freaking] Deal! That’s libertarianism. IDGAF if you like pot — roads, schools, Social Security, food safety regulations, environmental regulations, all that matters too!

      • Chris says:

        Not Mill’s alone. Any person who suddenly has an epiphany. They’re just having more at once because they’re actively seeking knowledge.

  4. Annie says:

    You’re 100% right about Betty Shelby. She absolutely needs to be held to account for straight-up murdering that poor man, but it also does demonstrate whom police departments will or will not circle the wagons for. And we should all be concerned that this will make the white men who dominate so many of these police departments behave with that much more impunity.

    • grouch says:

      On the positive side, those two expensive purchases I want to make in USD might suddenly become very affordable. On the negative side…oh fuck, we’re doomed.

        • Betsy says:

          Oooh, fellow European Coquette readers!?

          You know what, maybe I should go into a mindless Nordstrom shopping spree before Trump’s election shifts the balance of power here to the authoritarian right and this continent self-destructs… yet again.


          • WhoAmI says:

            Yessss. I actually bought some shit off ASOS right after the Brexit thingy. That may sound horribly cynical and neoliberal but that reclaimed leather jacket wasn’t gonna be any cheaper so…

  5. Josh says:

    I’m so over the narrative that the trump presidency is going to bring death and destruction to all of mankind. Yes, he’s going to win the White House but we’ll survive.

      • VeryIrritable says:

        I’m actually more concerned that Mike Pence will end up president as Trump gets impeached before his ass hits the seat. There goes all justice in the united states forever.

        • Stephen says:

          Impeached? Please. Trump seems like he’d bail on being the President right after winning the election because winning the election is, to him, more important than being the President. He wants to be able to say “I won, you fucking losers!” and make all his critics shut up.

          Which is why it’s all the more important to vote for the candidate who wants to win the election and actually do the job.

          • Stephen says:

            @Chip: Not at all. Trump makes me think of a high school student who wants to win the Class President election but doesn’t actually want to do the job – in other words, he wants all of the glory and none of the responsibility, and all so he can rub it in everyone’s faces.

            If he wins the election and abandons the job to Mike Pence, I would not be surprised in the least.

          • Strangely Rational says:

            I think it’s fairly clear he’s going to put all the day-to-day work onto Pence and others, but what possible motivation would he have for giving up the title of President? The man wants attention and glory. He wants his face on the news and in the papers every day and in the history books forever. You don’t get that by abandoning the White House. You get it by staying there as long as you can, enjoying all the benefits while passing off the actual work onto other people.

          • J Lynn says:

            SR is correct. Kasich told the press that Trump (via Don Jr) asked him to be Veep first, and that Kasich was informed that he would be put in charge of “foreign and domestic policy.”

            When Kasich’s adviser asked how this would be the case, Donald Jr. explained that his father’s vice president would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy.

            Then what, the adviser asked, would Trump be in charge of?

            “Making America great again” was the casual reply.

            Also, his former campaign mgr Paul Manafort said this:
            “He needs an experienced person to do the part of the job he doesn’t want to do. He seems himself more as the chairman of the board, than even the CEO, let alone the COO.”


          • CHIP READR says:

            Except it’s not high school class president. It’s an actual fucking president who will have access to nuclear codes and all sorrts of top-secret information. Can you imagine what that kind of power can do to someone, let alone a sociopathic narcissist like Trump? Even if he doesn’t make embarrasing and dangerous mistakes, his ridiculous temperament and self-serving laziness will cost America and the entire world. Do you seriously think he won’t abuse and exploit his power for his own gain? He is a fucking crook, my guy. I do not think you understand.

            I’m sick of you white people who do not understand how gloriously bad it is already for POC, immigrants, and basically any minority group, let alone actual third world countries. The shit he would pull will be so fucking unfair, so dehumanizing, so fucking traumatic it will cause us to lose years and years of progress. All the changes we can hope for are fucking miniscule molecule in the drop of water in the damm ocean. so swallow your damn ego, read a book on reasoning skills, and register your pasty ass and vote for Hillary.

          • Jessica Sen says:

            You know what they say. Black don’t crack, yellow don’t mellow, and White is shite. Fuck America. I’m so sick of the news.

        • Strangely Rational says:

          As an Indiana native, I’m just as bothered by the idea of Mike Pence becoming president as I am about Trump, if not more. In fact, let’s just say more. With Trump, at least there is a possibility that he’s having a grand old time fucking with the conservatives during the campaign and has no intention of even attempting to do any of the things he’s promised to.

          Is that a big possibility? No, but at least it’s a chance, unlike with Pence whose potential for setting our society back is a certainty.

      • Josh says:

        About what exactly? About Trump winning (God, I hope so) or the world not ending? This kind of unclear response is exactly what has been driving me nuts about this election coverage. All that anyone can provide is general fear and anxiety and I’m not buying it.

        • Lin says:

          The part where you say “he’s going to win the White House but we’ll survive.”

          People will not survive a Trump presidency. There are people who will died because of it. There are people who will not survive nationwide stop-and-frisk. There are people who will die if their health coverage is revoked. There are people who will not survive another recession. And there are certainly people who will not survive the nuclear winter when Trump initiates an atomic holocaust after getting into a pissing contest with Kim Jong-Un over who has the tinier hands.

          There are people who are absolutely going to die who would otherwise not if Trump wins the presidency.

          • Josh says:

            Thanks Lin for breaking this down for me. I know that sounds sarcastic but it’s not.

            Here’s the thing, people are going to die no matter what. Anyone who wouldn’t survive a nation wide stop and frisk (black men– which I am) are fucked anyway. I do feel awful about the people who will die when their healthcare is revoked (perhaps a lesson will be learned?). Same to the people who won’t survive another recession . The nuclear war thing seems silly but we’ll most likely all be dead so who cares.

          • Jessica Sen says:

            I just want to parrot Lin and say that there are people who are absolutely going to die if Trump wins the presidency.

            There are people who are absolutely going to die if Trump wins.

            There are people who are absolutely going to die if Trump wins.

            I want to make the Republicans copy these lines on a chalkboard till they’re learned.

        • WhoAmI says:

          Gay black males in the US are definitively going to die because of Trump’s win, if he wins, and even if he doesn’t turn the US into a blatant facist state (very unlikely). Maybe you will be one of them. Maybe you won’t. May the odds be even in your favor.
          Don’t get me wrong, I know the current system is already killing people of minority, especially at the intersection of minorities, but there are going to be even more of those deaths if he wins. Way more. The only uncertainity is how much more people exactly.

          • Josh little says:

            While I definitely appreciate your concern, we’ve been dying in hoards since…well forever. And yet we still manage to create and define culture (you’ve seen Paris is burning, no?) so I guess we’re just magic 😉

            Yeah, still not afraid. We’ve been known to die fighting.

          • Josh Little says:

            Also, while the hunger games reference is super cute I just want to point out that this has never been and never will be a game for us. For black and or gay people in America, choosing to live in the face of insurmountable odds is just a daily reality.

          • Josh says:

            I guess this is why I usually don’t engage with people on the internet… You try to be good and people go all 4chan on your ass…

          • WhoAmI says:

            Okay. I’m gonna write the exact same sentence but five times longer ; the reference to Hunger Games was indeed voluntary, but not done in hopes of being pop culture relevant or cute or whatever, but because the reference is, like, extremly relevant to the hypothetical situation we’re discussing right now. In a very sordid way. He’s gonna turn your country into a dystopian author’s nightmare, not mine. At least not directly nor on the short term. I could have quoted 1984 or Battle Royale but Hunger Games fits wayyy better. Also if you ever read the thing, you’d know the Hunger Games never were about a goddamn game. Rue didn’t die for this.

      • Jessica Sen says:

        The American People need more prudence and less pride. That refers to people who equivocate Trump and Hillary. That refers to Bernie supporters who won’t vote at all. That refers to people who are complacent enough to think the election of Trump will not be a global catastrophe. The point of a democracy is for each citizen to act according to the greatest good, in their calculation. Not to vote according to their pride and prejudice.

        • Josh says:

          I totally agree with you but what are we Hillary voters to do if the worst happens? Live the rest of our lives in fear and wait to die? What exactly is your game plan post a terrible Nov. are you all building bunkers now? I personally would like to enjoy as much of life as I can. I’ve already lost too much sleep over this man. If these lunatics get him elected all I can do is hold my people close, fight like hell and hope for the best.

          • Jessica Sen says:

            Yep. Build bunkers. Not literal physical bunkers – you know what I mean. I wouldn’t mind personally assassinating him even if it meant I would have to pick up soap. I’m sure my friends will send me nice soap and books to read.

  6. Chris says:

    Betty Shelby said, “I’ve never been so afraid in my life.”

    Among the many things wrong with the situation was that her partner didn’t realize she had her gun out while he had a Taser. Someone that afraid shouldn’t have a gun at all, and clearly needed more training.

    This is the kind of person who shoots their kid when they sneak in after curfew.

    • Annie says:

      This is part of what baffles me. You’re a cop–you’re armed by the state, paid by the state to bear that firearm, and are given near-total impunity to shoot people whom you (“reasonably”–like that part ever gets enforced) perceive as a threat.

      What the fuck are you so afraid of???

      Meanwhile, a black person running from a cop is considered a valid reason to arrest or shoot them. Despite the fact that it’s obviously *eminently* reasonable for any black person to want to get the hell away from someone in a uniform as a matter of simple self-preservation.

      Fucking white supremacy in action, people.

      • Chris says:

        On fear: exactly.

        I was a marine in Iraq. During a training exercise where I had to go through rooms in a house, I was very apprehensive. It was, no joke, scary because I might have opened a closet door and some special forces guy acting the part of an Iraqi could be there ready to shoot me before I shot him, or be innocent and afraid, and I might have shot him anyway.

        That was training. When I hit the ground in Falluja, I was extremely confident in my ability to do my job, and ended up in situations where we made arrests for bombs we found, weapons caches, etc. One time we had hit a huge jackpot – finding some guys who had killed recon marines in a previous deployment (they had the weapons of the guys, and we traced their serial numbers). While making the arrest and searching the rest of the home, a guy came walking up to the door, we made eye contact, and guess what I didn’t do? That’s right, I didn’t murder him. I invited him to come in. Upon searching his vehicle, we found he had the kinds of things you plant bombs on the sides of the road with, and arrested him, as well.

        That evening, we had these guys in custody, and couldn’t deliver them to the proper authorities until the following day. As we found out who they were, and who their war trophies belonged to, guess what we did; that’s right, the same thing we’d already been doing.

  7. Nerdlinger says:

    Just calculate the risk of voting for a third party depending on what state you’re in/what kind of insanity happens in the coming time. Gloria LaRiva seems pretty chill. Of course, vote down the ballot where you can much easier support an independent candidate if it’s available. Also a possibility even if you live in a swing state:

    By most estimates so far, it’s not gonna be remotely as close a gap as previous election years. It’s the ideal time to vote strategically, and you can perfectly combine a conscience vote with no Trump at all costs with a little planning.

    • Aletheia says:

      Swing state resident here, and… yeah. Hillary’s my vote, because I’m not throwing that away when they’ve been tied within a point or two in the past couple of polls.

      Down-ticket voting, I know I’m *not* voting for any Republican out of principle (that, and most of them in this state seem to be against what I want a politician to stand for). Whether I vote Dem or a third party for the down-ticket candidates depends on who they are or what they stand for. Which, in my opinion, is how it should be, voting due to positions rather than party lines, but… eh. Democracy works, somehow. 😛

      (Oh, gods above and below preserve us from voting insanity. “They totally won’t do it lol” Brexit’s shadow looms, still…)

  8. Ashley says:

    oh god, here we go again with the hillary can do no wrong because trump is SO SCARY IM GOING TO WET MY BED.

    she voted for the iraq war. she pushed for military intervention in libya, she supported the coup in Honduras, literally anywhere she looks she supports our direct or indirect overthrow of a sovereign government. I’m not ok with that, and no one should be, especially not so called liberals.

    so fuck you, and fuck everyone else who thinks its ok to shame people for voting third party (I’m going for stein). its not ok, just like our fucking imperialist global war and military bases in virtually every country, defense budget that is more than every other developed country combined, and drone strikes on innocent civilians (including americans abroad, which violates our constitution) is not ok. voting for hillary is saying yeah, I’m perfectly ok with global warfare, so long as i can pat myself on the back for being politically correct when it comes to identity politics. no. I’m not signing off on that madness. the democrats had their chance to unite the party, and repeatedly they’ve shown at every step of the way how little they give a fuck about progressives. instead they’re courting conservatives for money? i bet if the koch brothers donated to hillary you’d see no problem with it either.

    fuck middle class white “liberal” status quo accepting frauds. so over it. youre not protecting me.

    signed, someone who would be potentially discriminated against under a trump presidency.

    newsflash: if trump is elected, he’s not legally allowed to be a tyrant. he still has to get shit through congress, so if you really gave a damn about stopping trump, you’d focus on making sure democrats and independents down ticket get elected. if he gets elected, it will likely be business as usual but with a republican flavor. not the end of the world. and on top of that, the worse he is, the stronger the left will respond, strengthening the party long term and just about guaranteeing us the house and senate in 2018. backlash against the bush administration is why in 2008 we swept congress and the presidency. the pendulum will turn back. and lets say hillary, by some miracle, is elected – what do you thinks going to happen? trumps supporters are going to disappear off the face of the earth? white nationalists will somehow change their views? no. they will only get stronger, until economic policies change and benefit everyone, not just the elite. people don’t just get extremist views out of nowhere. they come from economic desperation, which leads to hate of the “other”. fix the desperation, and while there will always be some people full of hate, most people will not be attracted to someone like trump again. trump is a symbol of systematic failure of neoliberal economics of the past 40 years. the white working class was left behind, and they see him as a messiah who will fix it. he wont, but that doesn’t matter. they know hillary definitely wont.

    also, newsflash: living in a solid blue or solid red state makes a third party vote useless anyways. you’d have a slight argument if its only regarding swing states, but no, like the rest of the smug elitist liberals, you can’t even make a nuanced argument.

    off topic, but I’m surprised you have nothing to say about brangelina. come on, i love your snark regarding hollywood.

    • Chris says:

      She can’t talk about Brangelina becuase it’s too soon.

      But I guess that’s the kind of un-understanding we get from a Stein supporter.


      • Jessica Sen says:

        Now that Brangelina’s Beverley hills have turned into an ugly foster home, let’s call Charlie’s Angels to fix this shit. I think a rollerskating rink to cheer these orphans up will do just fine. Fuck mom and dad. They are the WORST.

    • VELVET CHERRY says:

      Living in America makes your third party vote useless. Lose the disillusionment and maybe learn some grammar while you’re at it, hothead.

    • Country Fried Chicken says:

      You just screamed at CQ about why and how she’s wrong even though she has refuted these points (most of which, by the way, are false or illogical) over and over again, and now you want her to spoon-feed you fruit-flavored pop culture tidbits? For free? You didn’t have to write that essay. We could’ve guessed exactly who your self-serving, ignorant ass is voting for.

    • Betsy says:

      Considering Jill Stein has cozied up to Russia and supported their imperialist (yes, Russia has an imperialist mindset too, there’s more than one state in this game!) overtures in Ukraine by stating that Ukraine had been part (!) of Russia, I don’t think you understand who you’re voting for. Stein’s advantage is that she’s never been in power – that’s it. She has no record for people to criticise.

      In charge of the US military arsenal and actually dealing with the international balance of power, she’d make choices just as problematic as Hillary’s. If Stein’s dangerously misguided views of foreign policy are any indication, they might be worse. I’m in Western Europe – I wonder how you’d feel about Russian expansionism in your own backyard?

      And I’m not a fucking liberal, so quit the knee-jerk politics.

    • WhoAmI says:

      “if trump is elected, he’s not legally allowed to be a tyrant”
      Hitler weren’t either. Sure didn’t stop him in the long run, did it ?

    • Stephen says:

      Your protest vote is not a protest – it is a knowing decision to vote for someone who has no possible chance of winning the election all so you can claim some form of political purity or boost your ego.

      Your protest vote will mean nothing because it will not send a message beyond “I voted for myself, not for others”.

      You need to understand, petulant brat, that the election is about more than you. It is about your parents. Your siblings or children, if you have any. Your neighbors, friends, acquiantances, extended family. It is about the people who run the cash registers and the people who run the banks. It is about the people living in well-off gated communities and the people living in the inner city who are trying to scrape by. It is about the gay teenager who wonders if he’ll make it through the day without being bullied and the straight teenager who is doing that bullying. It’s about the men, women, and children who share this nation with you.

      If you’re going to vote, you need to ask yourself one question: “Who is going to best serve all the citizens of the United States?” Your choices are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. You may not like those choices, but they’re the only two that matter. If you’re willing to toss away your vote for a candidate that will not win – and all so you can jerk off to your own smug sense of satisfaction – you’re doing voting wrong.

    • VeryIrritable says:

      Oh dear god. She’s back.

      Ashley we outlined a shit ton of things he could do as president that would ruin democracy forever with or without congress.
      We clearly explained how voting third party is wasteful at best in a non swing state and suicidal in a swing state. That’s some great fucking nuance there.

      The mere idea that a “protest vote” would cause anyone to shiver in their boots is so jaw droppingly dumb that I can’t even! “Oh shit, four years ago someone didn’t vote for me because their panties were riding up!” I can’t wait to hear a campaign strategist say, “we think we can win it by going for the protest vote.”

      All of the shit we talked about and the fact that willful ignorance and racism would become normalized because he is elected. White supremacists would quite literally get away with murder. Hell, I already blame the media for validating stupidity because they’re no longer qualified to be reporters.

      We aren’t being “elitist” because you’re a moron and we don’t want your ideas. You are not woke. You are not informed. And you are not persuasive.

      Go dig up some more crackpot documents and tell us we aren’t allowed to talk to you until we read 480 pages of ranting into the wind. You AshHat.

    • Jessica Sen says:

      “He’s not legally allowed to be a tyrant.” – Really? He’s allowed to be on TV, which is the fourth pillar of democracy. Does that not scare you, child?

  9. Zhenya says:

    I feel a bit incompetent for not fully understanding the question about our parents. Was OP asking if we’re doomed to behave as our parents in their relationship with one another or act as each may have modeled for us independently (or both)? Either way though, the answer gives me some peace.

    • Jessica Sen says:

      We are doomed to repeat behavioural patterns that we’ve been conditioned with. But with awareness and proper help, we can break free of those chains and be our own specific person. <3

  10. Jessica Sen says:

    Catching up on the Debate now.

    Trump is all about fast growth for power. Hillary is about slow growth for compassion.

    It’s a joke they are even side by side on TV. Funny right? Ever since the Kardashians, America has been a nonstop reality TV freak show.

    Nice suit, Hillary. I wish you could have worn a little red dress instead. But hey, patriarchy calls. Pick it up and tell them to go fuck themselves.

  11. Jessica Harris says:

    My brother-in-law is the absolute WORST. He just said he likes his coffee like Trump – strong and white. It’s a shame he has such misguided political views. He could have been my best friend – he has really soft hair which I adore like a puppy.

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