Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

Why do all the married couples I know seem so unhappy?
Because unhappiness is the resting state of marriage.

Thoughts on the Pope being named Time Person of the Year?
It’s just one irrelevant institution puffing up another.

Here’s the mess – bad breakup months ago. Had a date with handsome charming, couldn’t kiss goodnight. Random dude at the bar- crazy make out. Gay man at the bar- crazy make out there too. When will my mind stop being a mess?
Monday, February 17th, 2014. Noonish.

The quietest people have the loudest minds…what does that make you?
Immune to your clichéd bullshit.

What do you think of Aubrey Plaza?
I enjoy the character she plays, but I’d also like to see another one.

What’s your opinion on the Lulu iPhone app? On one hand I find it extremely useful but on the other I feel like if there was a female equivalent I’d be all up in arms!
LuLu a toothless gimmick for tacky people. It’s awful. They can try and keep it sanitized and glossy, but that shit has a rotten core. (Oh, and there is a female equivalent. It’s called revenge porn.)

What’s your opinion on meaningless sex?
Everything is meaningless. Might as well be getting laid.

I chose the path less traveled and I pay for it with every waking moment.
You pay for it either way.

Everyone around me is freaking out about finals. Any words of wisdom?
Fuck off and study.

What do you want for Christmas, Coquette?
Job security.


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