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On fun-sized advice

It’s come to my attention that conservative voters are low information voters.
Stupid is as stupid does.

Baby Boomers need to die faster.
I don’t care if they live or die. I just want their wealth to be redistributed with extreme prejudice.

So you would vote for Cynthia Nixon?
Over Cuomo in the primary? Fuck yes. Over any Republican in the general? Double fuck yes.

How is someone as wise as you so willing to support the worst politicians?
You are such a fucking child. Please grow up or shut up, because the rest of us are here to win and we are are done babysitting spoiled brats like you.

Do you listen to Chapo Trap House?
I tried for a minute. I really tried, but I couldn’t get into it. I don’t find them particularly likable, insightful, or entertaining. (I’ll take the crew over at Crooked Media any day of the week.)

How do I get laid when I hate people?
I dunno. It’s never stopped me.

My boyfriend and I are planning to do molly together, it’s my first time, but not his. Any advice to make the most of the experience?
Stay hydrated. Make sure you don’t have anything planned the following day that requires any significant concentration. Any special feelings that either of you express towards one another while rolling should not be held against one another afterwards. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Feel all the feels!

Is it wrong/weird/immature if I have absolutely zero interest in remaining friends with any of my exes? Regardless of how the relationships ended.
It’s fine. Don’t overthink it.

Is radical kindness a good idea or am I just setting myself up to be a doormat?
Radical kindness is a great idea. The only way to end up a doormat is to be unskilled at setting and maintaining proper boundaries.

I had all of your playlists on my old computer, which sadly died and has since been replaced. I noticed the old playlists are lost in the ether and was wondering if you have plans to bring them back to life. If not, I’ll plan a weekend of building them all out in Spotify over some whiskey. Thanks for putting together such great mixes!
The old playlists are not lost in the ether. They’re all right here. I’d love it if you built them all in Spotify for me. Thanks!


27 thoughts on “On fun-sized advice

  1. Chris says:

    Boomers do not need to die faster, but they’d help their kids if they got the fuck out of the workforce. The federal government is bloated with > 60% of its people being over 55. And that includes new-hires; people who retire and then go to the government because they want to lock in another pension.

    They complain that their 30-yo kids can’t find good work, so they supplement them, but don’t realize they are the ones taking jobs from the young college graduates because their bulked up CVs are making them more competitive.

    • TeamSalamander says:

      Not to mention that they cockblock the implementation of technology to enhance service providing. I used to be involved in nonprofit work (got sidetracked from environmental stuff into social stuff because I thought, maybe if we take care of our own species we’ll take better care of the other ones) and the boomer leaders really gummed up the works so I started seeing them as these vampiric entities who just suck the life out of courageous idealistic youth.

  2. TeamSalamander says:

    “How do I get laid when I hate people?
    I dunno. It’s never stopped me.”

    Moments like these clarify why I’m addicted to checking for fresh words from you. Sex is about the only thing that dulls the edge of my misanthropy. Also, re: being surrounded by stupidity and your recent darktime of the soul this Hemingway quote, “happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know” and as I get older and more familiar with this I seem to become more and more of a dom in the bedroom, maybe to cope with the frustration of a wasteful irrational world?

  3. jnah says:

    “I just want their wealth to be redistributed with extreme prejudice”

    You are a stupid and jealous person. Not all the time, but definitely here.

      • Chris says:

        Haha, nice.

        I generally don’t dislike Meghan McCain, but found it very telling in an interview for the way she disparaged Bristol Palin for doing reality TV. Her judgment definitely came from a pedestal built out of $100MM made before she was born.

    • Bruce says:

      She’s right. The extreme concentration of wealth in this country is poisoning its economy. The sort of reckless and exploitative capitalism that causes it is not sustainable.

  4. Spoiled brat. says:

    I am so confused by the blatant childishness of your response to my question about supporting the worst politicians. You’re supporting Cynthia Nixon, but she’s not qualified at all to hold office. How can you even justify that position?

    • Chris says:

      I find it odd to start because she’s not a NY voter.

      On my end, I can’t speak for who sucks more, and don’t know who the Republican candidates are. Guess I’ll look up if there’s anyone else running on 11/6 because I try my best show up and vote against Peter King, and other silly things that get tagged on, like “Using 5k acres of forest that will be replenished at a later date,” and “increasing sales tax by 1/8%”.

    • flblbl says:

      Chapo is tepid brocialism at best. Even if Coke was more left-leaning (lots of assumptions on my part here), they just aren’t that clever, and are fairly annoying to listen to. Sometimes its not a political thing but a person thing.

      • Gaybeard says:

        Calling someone a brocialist is a way for disphit liberals to marginalize the left. Coquette is left leaning (she donated to Bernie’s campaign before Hillary beat him) but a pragmatist, so she turned against the left that refused to support Hillary in the aftermath of Bernie’s loss. I don’t hold that pragmatism against her, I kind of admire it because I remember her comments section at the time and I know she damaged her brand and lost some fans as a result of her hardliner stance against third party voters and voters who refused to cast a ballot for any of the candidates. Towards the end she got a little screechy, and in a couple cases, extremely mean. I still hold some of what she said toward the end against her because she refused to acknowledge how shitty and uninspiring Clinton was as a candidate. Ultimately I think her appeals would have been more effective if she had stuck to the (far) lesser of two evils argument instead of trying to paper over the failures of the Democratic party, Clinton’s candidacy, and the administration of Obama.

        However, all that said, what I was getting at with my comment was that Coquette is usually pretty left leaning (excluding religion), but her aesthetic tastes are cotton candy liberal sentimentalism. I was making fun of her for that because it’s funny to me that she can’t see that what she does with her political commentary is just a more tepid, liberal version of Chapo’s style. If they aren’t clever or likable for their contemptuous style then neither is she. I personally like both of them for the same basic reason.

        • flblbl says:

          yeah, no, “brocialist” is what leftists call brocialists, too. which is what i was doing.
          also, sanders is not a leftist, he’s center-right on a good day. that’s why i said i was making lots of assumptions (supporting socialist initiatives is different from being left-leaning) ; i know some american leftists supported him until the end and beyond but most of them dropped him after a while when they didn’t outright reject him (for perfectly valid leftist reasons).
          weird that you would mention him so much by the way, given how his die-hard fanboys fall in the same category as many Chapo fans do. are you perhaps one of those ellusive,,, bernie bros ?

          (i can see what you say about Coke’s and Chapo’s aesthetics vaguely mirroring each other along political lines, but afaik the level just isn’t there on Chapo’s side)

          • Gaybeard says:

            Either way, brocialist is a shitty and divisive term. Better to actively ostracize men who espouse socialist values but have a problem with women, than implicitly accepting them into the fold with the brocialist moniker. The effect of the term is to give ammunition to liberals to claim that the left has a problem with women, instead of accepting the reality: everyone has a problem with women because we live in a patriarchy. In any case, at this point it’s just tactics and splitting hairs.

            Agreed about Sanders, but he was the left wing candidate in the 2016 election, even if he is decidedly not left wing. Re: mentioning Bernie so much – Fun way to spin it, but the reality is decidedly more boring. I’m just Canadian so I don’t follow the American zeitgeist as closely. My last major exposure to the political culture in the US was the 2016 election so I haven’t really kept up with the orthodox left wing narrative on who’s in favour and who’s out.

            Chapo’s level – I agree if we’re talking about early Chapo, but disagree since they got a new producer (all due respect to Brendan James). Early Chapo was just a breath of fresh air as an openly left wing voice that didn’t kowtow to the depressing day-to-day political necessity of compromise. IMO later Chapo became funny and incisive on its own merits, especially when they became more honest about their personal motivations, more experimental with their episode formats, and less defensive in general.

            When you say level it’s hard to know what you mean, because it depends on how you’re comparing the two. The medium of podcasting is always going to be less sharp and focused than Twitter and a personal blog built on short, punchy comebacks. I think then it just comes down to what your preferred political commentary delivery mechanism is. And again, it’s funny to me that Coquette is calling anyone else unlikable, considering she’s pretty damn unlikable herself. I’ve been reading Coke since I was 18 and what brings me back to her is her writing style, her toughness, and her big (but damaged) heart. I like her despite all her BS.

            But when it comes to quality of political analysis, Chapo is far and away the stronger voice, even if the style isn’t your preference. Coquette is on the firmest ground when she’s talking about personal autonomy and integrity, gender politics, economic injustice, or when she’s giving her support to a candidate. You’ll notice that on these topics she and Chapo end up sounding the most similar in their analysis and their language. Where she diverges from them is when she talks shit about things she knows very little about (like foreign policy). I know she hates being called out on things like this and she gives as good as she gets, but her tendency is to double-down when someone calls her out because she can just as easily pick them apart with her superior command of the language. I know it would be undermining her brand to adjust when someone calls her out, and most of the time the people putting in the time to call her out are equally narcissistic assholes like me who deserve the bitch slap, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a weakness on her end. At the end of the day, Coquette demands to be taken seriously, no matter what she says about just talking shit, so it would be a disservice to her not to tell her when she’s wrong. And where she’s most wrong is when she lets her personal sentimentality bleed into her politics and becomes bitchy invective like when she personally takes some normie to task on twitter. It’s ugly and it’s beneath her, and it comes from a place of ego and personal misery (I know from personal experience because I have a similar tendency).

    • The Coquette says:

      Having read all of you comments, I feel I should be clear: I have zero problem with the Chapo crew. I respect their game, I just personally couldn’t get into their podcast despite giving them several tries. Part of the problem could very well be that we’re too much the same flavor of asshole, and I prefer political podcasts that help me laugh about the dumpster fire of American politics rather than stoke my fury. (I can do that on my own.)

      • Gaybeard says:

        Respect. Good to see you back doing your thing and hope you’re doing ok after the breakup.

        Lauging at the dumpster fire – I get what you mean. For me Chapo mostly makes me able to laugh at it all, but I think that might be because I’m Canadian and have a degree of separation.

        I love the Radio War Nerd Podcast but it makes me so angry and depressed sometimes that I have to take a long break between binges.

  5. Nikki says:

    I don’t know if ya’ll are interested, but I actually did put together one of the playlists on Spotify, the Springtime Mix:

    Too bad some of the tracks aren’t on Spotify (at least at the time that I built the playlist) I’m planning to build the others when I have the time but if you have one built already feel free to share!

    Fucking missed you, Coke!

  6. XS says:

    Regarding the “do molly together” ask, I totally misread that as “move in together”, and the response was odd, to say the least. 😀

  7. Iana says:

    I was actually thinking of building the Spotify playlist and wondering if Coke would be alright with that. Now that there’s the go ahead, I’m on it 🙂 Will post links once I have them.

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