Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

Dear Coquette,

What’s the best way to deal with disappointment?
Learn from it, and then let it go.

How do women deal with men when they are all misogynistic tools?

Overgeneralization and disrespect probably aren’t good places to start.

I try to make my life out like it’s tragic but really it’s just pointless, and that’s a hundred times worse.

Tragic is infinitely worse than pointless. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just a drama queen with no sense of scale.

Are you afraid of anything?

Agressive ignorance and undercooked chicken.

Is it wise to rekindle a once co-dependent relationship now that we’ve had some time apart and know what to avoid?

Asking this question proves you don’t know what to avoid.

I have sociopathic tendencies. How do I change?

Pretend you’re a good person.

Is there any other way to live life besides going to school and then working until you die?


What advice would you give about what is important when traveling abroad?

Make it about people, not places. If you visit a country without getting to know some locals, then you haven’t actually been there.

Do you agree that guys should pay (at least) half the bill when a girl has to purchase Plan B or an abortion? If so, how does one go about asking him for that?

You shouldn’t have to ask. Just tell him what you’re having to do, and the guy should volunteer to pay. If he doesn’t, you should never speak to him again.

How the hell is it possible for recent grads to find jobs when “entry level” requires three years of experience?

Entry level at a particular company doesn’t mean entry level in your field, but hey, if there’s a job you want and you think you’re qualified, quit whining and hustle.

How big is big enough?

You know when it’s too big? Yeah. A little smaller than that.

I’m lonely a lot although I have lots of friends and family around me all the time. How does this make sense?

Separate the idea of loneliness from the idea of being alone. You feel loneliness because you’re disconnected from others, and as long as you’re disconnected, being in their physical presence won’t change anything.

How can someone have low self-esteem and an enormous ego at the same time?

It’s easy. You don’t have to like yourself to think you’re the center of the world.


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