On gay bashing trolls.

I’m a fifteen year old guy, and I recently came out as bisexual at school. Everyone I’ve actually told personally (mostly my friends who are girls, and one or two guys who I thought would be OK with it) have been really supportive. However, as is always the way, it didn’t take long for the homophobes to start flocking in.

They ask me questions on Formspring, and then take great (cowardly) care to remain anonymous – and before you ask, I’ve now stopped them being able to do that. Some of the questions included, – in incorrect grammatical form, of course –
“ahahaaaaa faggot bastard with no friends :’)”,
“you like the image of cock in your arse… all gays should be burnt.”,
and finally (my personal favourite),
“do you know what a sport is? s p o r t…. things you do outside, instead of staying inside doing nerdy gay drama with your bent friends or staying at home wanking to gay porn. you make me sick!”.

(Do you think they’re happy being stereotypes?)

Can you please give me some advice on how to answer this unimaginative homophobia with wit and flair, and to show that I’m not afraid of them? Or should I just ignore it? I need some serious help.

You got gay bashed with an emoticon? That’s priceless.

Listen, I understand the urge to respond to this kind of confused ignorance, but you really should ignore it. Wit and flair is wasted on people like that, and if you’re genuinely not afraid of them, then there’s no need to bother showing it.

Also, for the record, that is the most unintentionally hilarious definition of sport that I’ve ever seen. Apparently, going out and playing with balls is the only thing keeping guys from staying home and playing with balls. It’s accidental genius.

Anyways, you don’t need any help. You’re fine. Just be safe, learn to enjoy your haters, and have fun being a bisexual teenager.


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