On getting ahead of yourself

Recently a relationship between me, a 15 year old, and this guy I met over the summer, who was 21, ended. We never actually did anything sexual or physical, seeing as he kept reminding me that i “was 15”. (Yea no fucking shit) But all summer we flirted and texted and talked on the phone and he, once in awhile, would talk about how nice it would be to kiss me. He has a tendency to whine, so when he started talking to me about how lonely he was, I took it as an oppurtunity to tell him how I felt. He said somethig along the lines of “Well, I could say something, but Im going to keep my mouth shut and who knows what will happen in the future?” what the fuck is that? Is he being a nice guy and avoiding my jailbait ass or did he simply lead my stupid teenage girl self on? whats your view of the situation.

Thanks for the extra details. Much better this time.

Let me start out by saying that he didn’t lead you on. He lead himself on. That’s what people do with forbidden fruit. They let it water their mouths knowing they can’t take a bite.

He wasn’t reminding you that you’re fifteen. He was reminding himself. You are textbook All-American forbidden fruit, kiddo. Of course he’s avoiding your jailbait ass! Don’t for one second confuse that for being a nice guy, though.

He let his mind wander one too many times while fantasizing about you, and since he couldn’t legally dump a load on you, he decided to dump his emotional baggage on you instead — kind of a dick move, if you ask me.

I can also guarantee that he has literally done the math on you.

There is a big wall calendar in his head with a bunch of red X’s leading up to the day when your vagina is no longer a gateway to registering as a sex offender.

That’s pretty fucking tacky, and when you add that to all his whining, the guy really starts to look like a creep. I suppose he gets some small credit for walking away when the forbidden fruit looked him in the eye and said, “eat me.” Still, it’s best that you just move on.

Also, you should really start getting used to older guys wanting to fuck you. You’re still a kid, but that’s just the way it goes. You probably think you’re mature for your age, and you very well may be, but anyone who considers this kind of contact a “relationship” isn’t playing with grown-ups just yet.

The difference between fifteen and seventeen is huge; the difference between fifteen and nineteen is enormous, but the difference between fifteen and twenty-one is a great yawning chasm of gritty experience.

Just chill the fuck out and enjoy your learner’s permit.

You’ll be in the fast lane soon enough.


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