On getting it.

You realize that you sound just as dogmatic and over-compensatory in your “what happens when we die” theory as any religious nut the way you insult and tear apart anyone who expresses a difference of opinion, right? We get it: You’re not scared to die and be a nothingness abyss. Good for you. Maybe it took a long journey for you to get to that place of security with it, but basically you’re secure with your own concept, just like others are secure with their concepts. Rudely knocking down everyone else who has a different opinion just makes you seem like it’s REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT that we all agree with you in order for you to be secure.

No, you don’t “get it.” If you got it, you wouldn’t have bothered to write me this little love note in a transparent attempt to outflank my ego.

Of course I’m scared to die. Everyone is. Accepting your mortality doesn’t eliminate your fear of death, but what it can do is prevent you from surrendering your rational thought in the face of what is inherently unknowable.

This isn’t about opinions or whether we all agree. Who gives a fuck? This is about your ability to think critically and use your reason.

That’s what’s really important.


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