On getting kissed right

Do you think it’s stupid to throw away a mostly good thing because of the way someone kisses? Dude pecks, like someone’s grandma, but repeatedly. He isn’t into poly stuff so I doubt I could find make outs elsewhere. Dealbreaker?

Fucking hell. If you’ve established enough verbal intimacy in your relationship to know that he isn’t into poly stuff, then you should be able to talk openly about the way you wanna be kissed.

Communicate your needs. Use your goddamn words. Show him how you like it, and then give him a chance to bring some A-game. If the two of you have good chemistry and this is just an issue of technique, then your little pecking problem is entirely fixable.

If he can’t give you what you need after you explicitly show him, then yeah, maybe this ends up a dealbreaker, but if you’re not even willing to talk about shit like this in the first place, then it’s not an adult relationship, and so who gives a fuck?


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