On ghosts.

My philosophy teacher said if you don’t believe in god but you believe in ghosts, you’re contradicting yourself. I’m pretty sure I’ve had a ghostly encounter but I don’t believe in god. Am I just crazy?

There is no inherent contradiction in believing in ghosts but not god, just like there’s no inherent contradiction in believing in angels but not unicorns. Belief in one supernatural phenomenon doesn’t require belief in all supernatural phenomena, and an afterlife doesn’t necessitate a supreme being any more than a supreme being necessitates an afterlife.

So yeah, your philosophy teacher got it wrong. Of course, just because there’s no inherent contradiction, that doesn’t mean you’re not an idiot for thinking you had a ghostly encounter. For the record, there are no such things as ghosts. Your experience wasn’t supernatural, and there is a rational explanation for whatever happened to you.

Don’t be a schmuck. If you’re ever again in a position where you think the laws of nature are being suspended just for you, trust me, they’re not.


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