On girl meets girl.

Um, so here’s a scenario …

Girl meets girl ages ago.
Girl likes girl.
Girls are happy together for a couple of months.
Then one girl, well she fucks things up cause she’s not very mentally well.
The girls don’t talk for almost a year.
Then (cant remember how) the girls seemed to work things out.
The girls talk on MSN and text etc all the time.
But they just cant make themselves even say hi to the other ones face.
Other girl tells girl she misses her.
Girl agrees.
Other girl still likes the girl.
Girl agrees.
But other girls family don’t know that she’s bi.
And would be pissed.
So other girl can’t be with girl.
Because keeping it a secret didn’t work the first time.

This is where the girls are at now.
The girls cant talk to each other face to face.
But they want to.

do you have any ideas? We both agree its silly but we just . . cant!

Here’s an idea. Find an angsty art school reject to shit out a full color illustration for every line of this ridiculous question, because guess what? You just wrote a children’s book for melodramatic twits on the perils of bisexual exploration.

Here’s another idea. Quit pining over expired relationships. She’s still closeted and you’re both still crazy. Neither of you shows any indication that you’ll be making the transition from girl to woman before we get to the last page, so unless one of you loses the other’s number, there’s no way this ends gracefully.


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