On god in philosophy class.

I think questions about God in a freshman philosophy course are completely irrelevant. I know that my professor warps the subject and her lectures are shit, so maybe if someone put a better spin on it, they would at least be more interesting.

Wrong, shithead. Philosophy classes are exactly where questions about god are relevant. That’s the whole fucking point of philosophy.

Debate and discussion about the existence, definition, and value of god are vital to your development as a free-thinking individual, and there’s no better place to work that shit out than within an academic discipline devoted to systematic reason and rational argument.

Sharpen your critical thinking. Develop your logic. Send your rational mind into battle against the unanswerable questions of the human condition.

This isn’t about what you believe. It’s about advancing the level of sophistication of your beliefs.

Good luck.


One thought on “On god in philosophy class.

  1. Chris says:

    Fucking crushed it.

    Answers like this are exactly why I submitted a Q to you a few nights ago, and sincerely hope you get to it.

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