On halloween.

i just found out my suck ass job is gonna require me to work on thee hallow’s eve, but i’ve started buying shit for my coketalk costume. should i just dress up, take photos and troll people on sat and mon?

Hell yes.

The Coke Talk Halloween Costume Challenge is good any and all party days leading up to Halloween, and well into the brunching hour the Monday after.

Yes, that’s right. I’m throwing my ridiculous persona out there as a potential costume this year, so if you’re a fan, feel free to coke it up for Halloween.

Most folks are doing a Britney style Coke Talk with a red satin jacket, grey sweats, trucker hat, big sunglasses, and a half full baby bottle.

Others have expressed interest in doing a Dolly Parton style Dear Coke Talk with big blonde bouffant hair, a lavender 80’s business suit, gold bangle bracelets, and a big ugly coffee mug.

Either way, if you send me pics of you dressed up as Coke Talk for Halloween, I’ll be sure to find some special way to say thank you.

Knock it the fuck out, you hilarious bitches. I can’t wait to see the pics.


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