On having nothing to be ashamed of

I used to be a call girl when I was at college. I live in my small hometown and ‘a friend’ told a guy she was seeing who told everyone. I feel so ashamed, I don’t want to go outside or go to work. I can’t move away for at least 3 months, what advice do you have on how to ride it out?

You have nothing to be ashamed of, so fuck ’em. Simply be shameless. I know that’s easier said than done, but you’re tough — you’re a strong woman — and perhaps most importantly, you didn’t do anything wrong.

Hold your head high, babe. Turn the shame back around on any small-minded asshole who throws you a side-eye. Hit ’em with brazen self-respect, and don’t put up with a single ounce of judgmental bullshit.


7 thoughts on “On having nothing to be ashamed of

  1. Perspectivator says:

    It would probably do well to have some snappy comebacks locked and loaded. If you post the things people say to you here; I’m fairly certain this comment section would come alive.

  2. Nerdlinger says:

    You have hilarious anecdotes, you’re hot enough that peeps pay to fuck you(and read any callgirl blog and it will tell you the clientele is mostly average normies anyway) and regular STI checks and safety make sex workers have less STIs than the average Murkan person. After this the only arguments left are nonsense about how you’re morally/fundamentally broken, and you can flip that argument around to make them look insecure instead if you’re so inclined. Of course if enough folks think that it may start to grind you down, but then it means it’s time to find a new friend group anyway.

  3. OP says:

    Wow I can’t believe you answered! That really helps, “Brazen self-respect” is my new mantra.
    To the above poster, no one says anything to my face. I just the looks and what I hear they’ve said through other people, I am trying to ignore it, but I feel like I can’t trust anyone and no one respects me anymore. I just feel so lonely and isolated. I just can’t wait to get out of here.

    • Coquette says:

      Yeah, the trust violation will end up being the worst part. Betrayal fucking hurts. You’ve essentially lost a friend because she wanted to impress a boy more than she wanted to protect you.

      She’s the one who deserves the shame here.

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