On high school.

I’m in love with my best friend and I have been for about a year or so. Problem is, he’s had a girlfriend for about four months now. I respect that, and it’s not like I’m not gonna move in on that. But I need to get over him somehow, and the easiest way is to find another guy.

Well, this should be all fine and dandy, because at 16, I’m bored, single, and almost able to drive (by almost I mean six more months). The problem is, apparently all high school boys expect girls to be easy. I’m not easy, hence, this isn’t fucking easy for me.

Should I just completely lower my standards and bone jump the next guy who gives me a pretty smile, and maybe have some fun? I mean, I just don’t know how I’d get over him otherwise.

The easiest way to get over your feelings isn’t to fuck another guy. Bone jumping the next boy who gives you a pretty smile might work in the anonymity of a Hollywood club, but in a high school setting that’s actually pretty messy.

All high school boys want to fuck, but that doesn’t mean they expect girls to be easy. They wish girls were easy, but there’s a huge difference between wishing and expecting.

With that in mind, don’t lower your standards. I’m all about having fun, but never at the expense of my dignity. You’re logic is flawed here, in that you don’t have to be easy to be desired. You can be a righteous whore without ever compromising your morals.

Take a hot minute and pick an available boy that you might enjoy. Go have some fun with him. Feel free to do whatever you want, but make sure it’s what you want.

You’re the one with the teenage pussy. Don’t ever forget that. Don’t ever let the balance of power shift.

Just go enjoy yourself.


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