On house of cards

Aren’t you done binging House of Cards? I’m not as happy with this season for some reason.

The reason is obvious. The acquisition of power makes for a more compelling story than the maintenance of it. Plus, season three was essentially the second half of the second act of a three act story. It left you unsatisfied because that’s the most dark and painful part of any hero’s journey. Season four will be the third and final act, a fucking roller coaster by comparison to season three.

I’ve got a question for you about House of Cards S3. Are you caught up? I don’t want to spoil anything. I’m on S03E02. Why does Doug syringe booze into his mouth hole?

It seems kinky, but it’s fairly typical addict behavior. It’s a combination of ritualization and rationalization. The ritualized dosing with the syringe is a way for him to feel like he still has control over his addiction, and the use of the syringe itself is a rationalization that it’s medicinal rather than recreational.

Doug justifies using Bourbon as pain medication because he never filled the prescription for those painkillers. Plus, it’s a super creepy visual representation of how his mind works. It’s a brilliant bit of character development in my opinion.

The Underwoods have an extraordinary relationship. No?

They have an extraordinary partnership. Subtle difference, but critical to understanding the nature of their marriage.

Scratch what I said about relationships. TEAM CLAIRE, baby.

Yes, this was Claire’s season, and she was by far the most interesting character.


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