On listening to your gut.

Every guy I have talked to within the last 5 months has brought up fucking before our first kiss. I find myself in a similar situation right now, and I actually kind of like this guy, and he has been a real gentleman up until this point. Well, he is still being sort of a gentleman, as much of a gentleman as someone could be when talking about plowing you.

Should I ditch him and wait for someone else to come along or should I stick around to see if he is at all different? I have two gut feelings and I am not sure which one to rely on.

I am looking for a relationship or someone I can date, not a fuck buddy.

Let him plow you, but tell him to watch out for that stick in your ass. Hell, if you’re lucky he’ll know how to work that stick while using your ponytail as a handle. You could use a little loosening up.

I can’t stand it when people keep lists of esoteric, unrealistic rules wherein “a gentleman doesn’t do this,” and “a lady doesn’t do that.”

So what if he brought up fucking before your first kiss? Was he funny? Was he clever? Was he sexy? If so, who cares if he didn’t live up to some silly bit of etiquette. Ignore your rules and focus on the situation.

You only have one gut feeling by the way — it’s the one telling you that you actually like this guy. The other feeling belongs to some external source — most likely your mother — that has you convinced how the world “should” be instead of how the world actually is.

Learn to tell the difference between that external source and your own instincts, and you’ll be a much happier person.


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