On live and let live

I agree with your description of nihilism, but that particular post about the lawyer sat uncomfortably with me, too, particularly in terms of the voice I’ve come to expect from this blog.

I’m not sure if it’s because you previously mentioned never to let politics get in the way of family, or if it’s because you come off a little as a liberal who judges others aren’t as liberal as you. I’m sure the irony of that isn’t lost on you, but it’s always a been a bug bear of mine, this pseudo-liberal elitist attitude of today’s outspoken.

Live and let live must apply to everyone, even those that are wrong, in order for it to be an effective attitude.

Not quite, bitch.

Live and let live must be applied by everyone, especially those that are wrong, in order for it to be an effective attitude.

Unfortunately, the wrong-headed assholes in the religious right will never be content to live and let live. They’re the ones fucking with my reproductive rights and gay people’s civil rights and everyone else’s rights not to be routinely poisoned by ignorance.

If they would just let us live our lives, we would be happy to let them live theirs. Speaking for all the pseudo-liberal elitists, we’d love nothing more than to kick back and let those sanctimonious pricks be wrong all day long, but we can’t, because they insist on politicizing their imaginary friend in the sky.

They’re the one trying to tell us how to live, not the other way around, so fuck your bug bear, fuck it right in its hairy ass until it sits uncomfortably with the irony that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.


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