On long-winded ignorance.

Your recent advice given to the young man that expressed a sexual proclivity toward both men and women was just plain terrible. It was actually difficult to read. When you referenced the “bible banging bigots” didn’t it occur to you that your were being bigoted when you wrote it? Seriously?! I guess in the world you occupy where there are no such things as moral absolutes it doesn’t matter does it. It all comes down to what makes each individual feel good. We are all fortunate that it isn’t yet societally acceptable to masterbate at the grocery store check out line. The irony there is that it’s a simple thin veil of will that makes it so. How far down the “if it feels good do it” road will we go?

I don’t believe that there are any differences between homosexuality, bisexuality or beastiality. They are sexual decisions. As it happens rape, incest and child pornography are also sexual decisions. Now I know in our ever so enlightened age of information that no self respecting “post-modernist” would ever concede to these assertions. I am aware of the school of thought that precludes that homosexual behavior is genetic and not a decision. Nonsense. It’s as much a choice as deciding to become a Goth kid instead of a Band kid. People gravitate towards what they want to identify with when there is freedom to do so. Even if it is uncomfortable in many ways. The fact that homosexual people are uncomfortable with who they are is not an argument for genetic predisposition. It’s an argument for humanity. No one is excluded from being uncomfortable at some point in life.

What the young man needed to hear from you was that if he isn’t comforted with the decisions he’s making than maybe they aren’t the right decisions! Your advice amounted to this “your family is evil, now go have sex with a boy”. Fail.

In any case, hopefully one day when you are at the end of yourself, and you have no one to reach out to, one of those bible banging bigots will be there to help you out.

Ugh, I hope not. When it’s my time to check out, I certainly don’t want any help from a guy who doesn’t believe there’s a difference between fucking a horse and fucking his sister.

Seriously, dude. I get that you’re attempting a crude argument for a moralistic version of sexual self-determinism, but you’re not winning any points by telling everyone how much you secretly wish you could jerk off at the Piggly Wiggly.

We’re all very grateful for your willpower, but you’re still coming off as super creepy and painfully ignorant to anyone with an ounce of compassion and half a clue about human nature.

Not that I don’t appreciate getting long letters from folks like you. I genuinely do. It means you’ve spent several hours misdirecting your confusion and rage at me rather than bullying gay teenagers.

Please, keep sending your insane shit my way. That’s time well spent in my book.


2 thoughts on “On long-winded ignorance.

  1. Newton says:

    The worst outcome of total immorality this guy can imagine is someone masturbating at the checkout line. What a rube. I’m sure going to the grocery store is something this guy considers an important civic duty.

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