On marrying a cheater

I need it straight.

My fiance has a past history of cheating on me and lying about it (once that I know of, about 6 years ago). I forgave him.

I’ve just recently found out that he tried to play footsie with a very good friend of mine twice over the last couple of months, making her uncomfortable.

I feel like I need ‘proof’ that he’s been cheating again to leave him. This is me merely being lazy about dealing with the situation, right?

You don’t need proof. You don’t even need evidence. Stop building a fucking court case and recognize that the only thing you need to justify leaving him is the lack of trust you feel in the first place.

For the record, if you marry this guy, he will eventually cheat on you again. It may not be for many years, and you may not even find out about it, but it will happen.

Can you live with that?


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