Fun-Sized Advice

On more fun sized advice.

Why do smart, beautiful women get stuck in abusive relationships (physical and emotional)?
Because brains and beauty ain’t got shit to do with crazy.

Chloë Sevigny or Liv Tyler?
Liv Tyler.

How can I fit more lizards in my pumpkin?
You’re gonna need a pair of pliers and a set of thirty weight ball bearings.

Why do douchebag republicans want to take abortion rights away?
Because they are ignorant and religious.

How do you feel about militant atheists?
Religious zealots are the ones who have a long, violent history of being militant. Using that word to describe atheists is silly.

How can my mom deny that “men only want one thing” is sexist? What do I do as a woman when she says shit like this? I get really offended at it.
Tell her to shut up and get back in the kitchen. Kidding. You should really just stop giving a fuck what your mom thinks.

Great, now I feel bad for having a one night stand to lose my virginity and get it over with.
If you remember the experience fondly you’ve got nothing to feel bad about.

What are the cities that matter, if NY, LA and San Fran don’t count?Could it be the trifecta of cities I lived in? Portland, then Chicago and finally Seattle? Who am I kidding?
Portland, Chicago, and Seattle are lovely. So are Austin, Nashville, and Miami. We could do this all day, but as you said, who are we kidding?

Is that a real picture of you on whore talk? It looks almost exactly how I pictured you.

It’s the tragically beautiful and batshit Edie Sedgwick.

Are you going to accept “sponsors” on your beauty blog?
Fuck no. You can’t buy a spot on Whore Talk, because I’m not an actual whore. Gifts are welcome, but my opinion is not for sale.

Does this now mean less existentialism and more materialism?
The two aren’t the least bit mutually exclusive.

I take back the label whore thing, thanks for the ASOS link, I’m looking at a $24 dress.
I know what I’m doing, babe. I can chainsaw through T.J. Maxx just as easily as Maxfield, and I added a deals category to Whore Talk just for you.


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