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On more fun-sized advice.

What’s purpose when there is no destination?

What do you mean when saying love is not something that implies anything? Thanks.

Not to speak for someone else’s mushroom trip, but I’m pretty sure it means that universal love is inherently unconditional, and the obligations and conditions normally associated with the concept of love aren’t actually a part of love, but merely sociocultural artifacts.

Why do you put such a front of maturity on shit when you’re obviously not terribly mature in a lot of ways?

Shut up, doodie head.

What is it that irks you so about Lana Del Rey?

Have you heard her lyrics? I don’t care how well she pouts, that simple bitch ain’t nothin’ but Rebecca Black with a heroin slur.

Have you ever at any point in your life owned a pair of Uggs? (Don’t lie CT. Seriously, I wont judge… but I am curious.)
Not now, not five years ago at the Sundance gifting suite, not ever.

What do you think of the movie “Young Adult”?

I thought it was an unentertaining exercise in self-indulgence from otherwise talented filmmakers. Mavis just wasn’t a compelling antihero. The character was authentic, but so what? I never cared. (Patton Oswalt was great, though.)

so you’re a hitch fan, right? what do you think of his “why women aren’t funny” essay? because i consider it to be one of the dumber things i’ve ever read

I love that ridiculous essay. It’s classic Hitch, and it pisses off all the right people. It’s not about whether he’s right or wrong. Who gives a shit? It’s about sitting back and savoring everybody’s outrage.

Hey I love your shit and want to buy stuff from your boutique, but I’m a broke as hell post-graduate. Ever plan on having some sample sales or discounts? Please?
Sure, but I only offer sales to the folks on my mailing list. Sign the fuck up.


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